Holby city jac and jonny first meet

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holby city jac and jonny first meet

Jac becomes tangled in a web of Paula's making as she prepares to face Jonny in court. On the course, Jac meets future transplant nurse Jonny Maconie who claims to be a However, it is cancelled and Jonny Maconie begs the midwife at Holby City In episode 49 of series 15, Jac and Jonny have their first pre-natal class. Jac Naylor MBBS MS FRCS (Eng) FRCSTh is a fictional character from the BBC medical drama Holby City, portrayed by actress Rosie Marcel. She made her first screen appearance during the series eight episode "Bird Alongside her appearances in Holby City, Marcel has played Jac in the show's sister shows, HolbyBlue.

Thomson believed that Jac was afraid to tell Jonny as she knew he wanted a big family, and he might have second thoughts about their relationship. He also said Jonny was dealing with a lot of uncertainty, as the baby's condition led to "an unpredictable set of circumstances" at the happiest time of his life. Of their relationship, Thomson said "Romantically, Bonnie is the textbook answer to Jonny. However, Bonnie also knew Jonny did not want to spend the rest of his life with Jac and she was "determined" not to let him go.

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Thomson said Jonny spent the episode caught in between the past with Jac and his future with Bonnie. Bonnie crossed the road without looking and was hit by a truck. Jonny was "left devastated" when he realised that there was nothing that could be done to save Bonnie. I've really enjoyed playing Jonny and I'll remember him fondly — but I don't think even he could handle any more devastation in his life! Jac's mum health gets worse and starts going badly wrong, and Paula dies. The morning after, Jac and Emma watch the sun rise and they both meet Johnny at the hospital and Jac gives Emma to him for him to look after as she is going to Sweden.

As Jac goes to the airport Johnny carries Emma asking her to reconsider. But Jac boards the plane. Jac returns prematurely after learning of Elliot Hope 's worsening health to help with the Herzig 5 artificial heart project which leads to her having to take the lead halfway through the crucial operation being used to market the device. Guy then attempts to tempt Jac into taking Elliot's place; leading the Herzig 5 project and running Darwin ward.

Jac is reunited with Connie by Guy for an endarterectomy procedure, pushing Jac into accepting Guy's offer of taking over Elliot's work. In the time that she is gone, Hanssen is reappointed CEO following the decision of Guy to step down in order to maintain his surgical timetable, and the creation of his Neuro Centre. She eventually gives Elliot the advice to follow his heart with his old flame Brigitte Nye Sally Dexter in order to help those with tuberculosis in Pakistan.

holby city jac and jonny first meet

Jac makes her full-term return as Cardiothoracic Consultant, as well as Clinical Lead, and is hellbent on getting rid of the 'deadwood' on Darwin. She arrives to find that Guy Self has taken part of Darwin for his neurosurgery patients, to her dismay. She also questions Zosia's dedication to Cardiothoracics having been indecisive about specialisms in the past.

Zosia proves herself to Jac in theatre and Jac becomes satisfied with her team. They clash over patient Seymour Orson, a man with Asperger's syndrome refusing urgent surgery. Jac is reported for negligence by Fran to Hanssen, and compiles a file of her mortality rates in theatre. This file is shown to a patient's relative who is supposed to undergo a revolutionary and untested procedure performed by Jac. When Jac is informed of the file, and performs the surgery successfully although facing complications in theatre, which are observed by Hanssenshe confronts Fran.

Jac is slapped by Fran in front of Hanssen, leading to her immediate suspension. It is later revealed that Fran and Jac had a past at St. Bartholomew's Foster Home, where a man named 'Yates' sexually assaulted the young girls.

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It is revealed by Fran on a rooftop that she was in fact assaulted by Yates, and Jac saw him do it. Jac apologises for what she did back then and promises to never turn away again, like she did before; however, security scare Fran who is hallucinating, and she falls off the roof. Jac, Guy and Hanssen all operate on her and Fran makes a speedy recovery. Jac later begins to notice the tension between Oliver and Zosia, and worries about how their personal feelings for each other may affect their work.

She offers Zosia a fake internship in Edinburgh with immediate effect for a year, forcing Oliver to tell Zosia how he truly feels. Jac eventually walks in on them both kissing in the locker room, and is proud that her plan had succeeded. Hanssen later becomes concerned when Guy threatens his position as CEO. He asks Jac to recreate Elliot's invention of a malleable stent in order to take away funding from Guy's Neuro Centre plans.

When the consultants of each ward are asked to vote between Hanssen and Guy, Jac along with Ric Griffin and Serena Campbell votes in favour of Hannsen. During the press conference regarding Jac's Digby Stent project, it is discovered that someone on Darwin has leaked details of its technology, and it has already been used in Berlin, and has failed a number of times. Jac is livid, presuming Zosia was the leak, but later finds out it was Guy in a bid for her to not receive funding.

However, it is discovered that he is the one that plagiarised Jac's research, and made her stent with Guy's leaked knowledge. Jac learns she has an ovearian cyst, but refuses to have an operation to remove it. Shortly before performing a life-saving procedure on Jonny's brother Alastair Andrew RothneyJac collapses and has to undergo urgent surgery performed by Derwood Thompson Ben Hull and Matteo.

Matteo and Jac share a kiss in her office. He later asks her to accompany him to Italy and Mo persuades her to go. Jac is demoted from her role as clinical lead of Darwin by Hanssen, who has been keeping a log on her misconducts. She had earlier performed unauthorised surgery on Fran Reynolds who was technically Matteo's patient after Jac passed on treating her, however, Fran pressured Jac into performing the surgery with threats of revealing the childhood abuse.

In Jac helps Sacha rekindle his love for Chrissie by giving him a lift to the airport. When Jac berates new F1, Tara Loin Hanssen refers her onto a people skills course and she is forced to publicly apologise to Tara. On the course, Jac meets future transplant nurse Jonny Maconie who claims to be a neurosurgeon from St. Despite their different work attitudes, Jac and Jonny end up in bed together. However, Jac tells Jonny afterwards that this "never happened.

Jac is offered a six-week research post in America. In Jac assists Mo Effanga when she gives birth. Jac continues to be a brutal mentor towards Tara but is taken aback when she discovers Tara's condition and she was upset when Tara died. With her relationship with Jonny intensifying, Jac worries that the hospital is gossiping about her private life and takes out her issues on Mo.

Towards the end of Series 14, Jac worries that she might be pregnant with Jonny's baby and, following pressure from Jonny to take a pregnancy test, and later tells him that it was a false alarm.

holby city jac and jonny first meet

Jac is invited to Sacha's stag do and makes no secret of her opinion of Sacha's bride-to-be, Chrissie. Following the negative publicity bombarding Holby in the wake of Hanssen's press release, Jac becomes concerned that he is not the leader she thought he was and makes her concerns known to Terrence Cunningham. In Jonny is caught between Jac and Mo and, with her professional detachment called into doubt by a patient, Jac takes a drastic step in her relationship with Jonny.

Jac is annoyed to discover that Jonny is coping well with their break-up and in an effort to rile him, she goes out with a new man.

Jac begins to rekindle her relationship with Jonny but their drink is called off when new acting CEO, Imelda Cousins lets slip that it was Jac who voiced her concerns about Hanssen to Cunningham.

holby city jac and jonny first meet

Jonny and Jac get back together however Jac once again messes things up, when she hears that Joseph is getting married, by sleeping with the paediatrician Sean.

Jac tries to do the right thing and tells Jonny about her on night stand before he found out any other way but he still gets mad so Jac decided to travel to Japan to do some training on new medical techniques. Jac comes back to work a day early to put her training in to use and catches Jonny of guard after Jac has an accident on the ward she tells Jonny that she loves him and they continue with their relationship.

However Jac starts to experience abdominal pains that she worries is something to do with her kidney but when the ultrasound comes back clear she refers herself to obs and gynie and is diagnosed with endometriosis.

Jac Naylor

Jac keeps her diagnosis to herself and after a confrontation outside theatre Jonny dumps her. When Tara Lo sends an email to everyone, informing them of her brain tumour and that she will be undergoing surgery to have it removed, Jac is extremely surprised and upset by the news. When Tara dies in surgery after complications, Jac is deeply saddened despite the fact she had acted very cold towards her throughout her time at Holby.

That night, Jac sleeps with Jonny and later discovers that she is pregnant. A few weeks later, Jonny discovers Jac's pregnancy when he finds Mo's drawing. Although Jac is convinced she's miscarried, Jonny convinces her to take a pregnancy test. Jac finds out that she is still pregnant. In episode 33 of Series 15 Jac tells Jonny about her endometriosis and he performs an ultrasound on Jac and they see their baby for the first time.