Gotham bruce and selena meet party

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gotham bruce and selena meet party

Ones to Watch: Meet Gotham's Camren Bicondova, the New Catwoman (Part 1) plum role of the young Selina Kyle, who eventually grows up to be Catwoman, covering the pre-Batman years when Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz of sat down with the budding starlet at a rooftop Fox party in Hollywood. NYCC The Cast of Gotham On Bane, Batman and Saying At the party, Bruce sees Selina stealing money from people's purses and goes. Selina Kyle is a teenage girl and is a skilled street thief residing in Gotham City. Upon arriving at Jim Gordon's apartment, Bruce meets Barbara as Selina . At Mayor Oswald Cobblepot's party at The Sirens, Bruce notices Selina at the party.

Selina states that she had no knowledge of the letter where she was trying to get some money out of Sunny. She takes her leave as Bruce fends off Sunny and his men. While stating to Selina that the Court of Owls have a dangerous plan where he tells her to get out of town, he also states that he had Bruce Wayne removed from Gotham City and advises her not to tell Alfred.

When Selina plans to and starts to ask him what he is going to do about it, Subject A reluctantly pushes her out the window where she is motionless. A lot of cats start swarming over her body. Tabitha, getting annoyed by Ivy, tells her she heard Selina "fell" out of a window and is in pretty bad shape. She rushes to Gotham General to see Selina, and gets caught by a doctor. She asks what happened to her, and denied that she fell out of the window.

She shows how close they are by saying that she will do whatever she has to to heal her. After her third visit, Selina gets out of bed, saying she has to go kill someone. Selina jumps him and says she's there to do one thing. Kicking him over a table, she insults Subject A calling him a freak, and a cheap knock off. Then she cuts a deep scar upwards his side, but is then beat to the floor.

Near stabbing him on the desk, Alfred pulls back Selina, who is hit unconscious after trying to warn him that it's not Bruce.

Alfred is then knocked unconscious. He is seen later treating the wound on Selina's head. After Selina refuses to help look for Bruce, Alfred rants about Selina not being over the fact that her mother was a con artist and tells her to run off and never return to Wayne Manor.

After Ed and Butch bang down the door, Selina climbs a fire escape, unable to bring Ivy with her, as she doesn't want to leave Penguin.

Seen running across the rooftop, she is punched and knocked out by Tabitha, who calls her Kitty Cat. She then agrees to set up a trap for Penguin by saying she found her friend and wants to meet, after being offered cash to get out of town, and nothing happening to Ivy.

While sitting in the hospital after stabbing Alfred, Bruce is encountered by Selina. She asks Bruce what happened and if he's going to be okay. Bruce, feeling bad for what he did, snaps at her, saying she doesn't believe in anything but herself.

She states it's surviving and unlike him, she knows who she is. She then makes her leave, but is stopped by the question of why she's even there, when she doesn't give a damn about Alfred or Bruce. He then says he knows her better than that. Angry and hurt at Bruce's words, she looks back to him and states that she thought that he did.

Selina finally leaves, telling him to have a nice life, with Bruce looking in confused. In her own way, it's clear she does care about Alfred, because she said she heard what happened and asked if he's going to be okay. She asks for Barbara, but Tabitha answers by saying she's not coming back. Selina says she's tired of just surviving, that she wants more, to move up.

Tabitha asks if she's hungry, but Selina takes a liking to her whip. To Tabitha's amazement, Selina successfully breakers a glass bottle on her first try. The pair are then later seen leaving together. They taunt her saying she's all by herself. They surround her, and draw their weapons. Selina says to just let her go. The thugs say, not a chance. She says, don't say I didn't warn you. She whips a guys legs and dodges attacks. She beats four of them to the ground.

The fifth on is taken out by Tabitha, who advises her not to turn her back on a guy unless she's sure he's down. They then leave the alley and go for pizza. They go to Tabitha's apartment to eat, and are approached by Victor Zsasz, who's been tracking them down. Tabitha asks if there's a reason he's there. He says that they don't have a license to fight street thugs. Tabitha demands they get a new place but Selina suggests they join Penguin for work.

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Tabitha refuses, and they pack their things. Selina is seen by Bruce mingling at the opening of Penguin's club as she is approached by Zsasz. He asks if they are in, and Tabitha says they are.

Tabitha's and Selina's bond grows, as Selina points out that Tabitha was worried about her, which is why she approached them. This is observed by Alfred and Bruce as well. Bruce goes to the roof to confront Selina, who asks what he wants. He says he knew she'd come up here, but she reminds him he knows nothing about her.

He wanted to apologize for what he said at the hospital. He joins Selina on the roof's edge. He judges her on choosing Tabitha Galavan as a mentor, but Selina doesn't care.

They are interrupted by Alfred, who walks Bruce away due to a situation involving Penguin apprehending Merton 's group downstairs. Selina remains balancing on the edge of the roof. Barbara states she will not go forward without both of them. Tabitha refuses, and Barbara ask Selina to talk her into it. She does, at their apartment. Selina wants to join Barbara with Tabitha to be taken seriously.

Ivy says she wants in, but Tabitha kicks her out, even though Selina believes her. Tabitha says she'll join Barbara, but wants something in return and that being her hand.

Butch lost his from Penguin, and she lost hers from Nygma so she wants to return the favour and chop off Barbara's hand to show that she can be trusted. This does not happen, and Tabitha says she'll trust her for now. Selina walks away, as she is in shock of Tabitha's actions and is upset with how she was going to chop off Barbara's hand. Going in for a closer look, he sees the thief open a box.

Bruce gets caught and fights the thugs and the thief takes this opportunity to escape. It is then revealed the thief is Selina Kyle, and she is upset she couldn't get what she was after. She is then seen with Barbara at work with her gun shop.

She asks Selina where her crate is, and Selina says she ran into some trouble. Barbara said that Selinas not ready and she can redeem herself by mopping the floors.

Selina says she can do it herself, and leaves.

Selina Kyle - Meeting Bruce Wayne [Gotham 1x09] 2 / 7

Entering Wayne Manor, she is caught by Bruce, who asks him why he's sitting in the dark by himself. He said he was expecting someone else and asks what she's doing there. She heard about the auction and came for the knife, expecting Bruce to hand it over because they're friends.

She warns him to hand it to her because Barbara's client is a dangerous person. She says it can't meant anything to him. He judges her for being Barbara's errand girl. Selina gets frustrated as not being seen equally, and corrects him as her partner. Bruce tells her she can't can't have it and that she should leave, to which she does over the balcony.

Tabitha and Selina are both irritated and Selina tries to reason with her by spying on the people who come in, so they can get jobs. But Barbara refuses and walks off. Selina reveals she has a backup plan, and know where a gang hides there stash of money. Selina sighs and walks away. She is next seen sneaking into the Street Demonz' club and climbs up a shelf to get over them.

She then ups a cars hood to let the siren go off to distract them, while she steals the money. Tabitha calls her an idiot and agrees to come and get her. Before leaving to get Selina, Tabitha informs Barbara that Selina wants a purpose, a home and someone who cares for her. She creates a diversion so she can sneak in and get Selina. The pair then evade capture as Barbara comes to their aid and kills the Street Demonz members present.

They are then recruited and join at the hips as the trio leave together for another shipment. She laughs at how penguin reacts when he hears Nygma is making fun of him, but quickly stops as a gang member gets stabbed for laughing as well. Selina wants something in return for bringing Nygma in, but walks off with a smirk as Penguin overreacts the exchange. Selina insights the girls into what the building is used for as they approach it.

Once inside the three split up, but Selina remains on the jobs goal, and she goes and confronts Nygma alone. She punches him in the head and knocks him out. Barbara is surprised Selina got Ed, and the two take him and go and find Tabitha. With a gasp he woke up wrapped his arm around her, threw he onto the bed and raised his fist.

He then stopped when he realized it was Selina. I don't want to. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him to comfort him. She couldn't imagine how hard this all of this was for him. Bruce was scarred he would embarrass him if he slept with a girl. But he also realized he couldn't pass up this chance of being in the same bed as her. Being close to her, possibly touching her. He nodded as an answer to her question.

She joined him under the covers. I'll be right here. She laid on her side facing away from him. Bruce looked at the back of her head and just thought about her. He thought about his feeling for her. He then fell asleep. Bruce was getting impatient. He didn't understand why Gordon hadn't gotten a strong case yet.

One side of him wanted justice for his parents as soon as possible. The other side wanted it to take longer.

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He didn't know what would happen to Selina after the trial. Would she go back to living on the streets. Would she continue staying at the house. He didn't want her to go. He really enjoyed her company. She was the only company besides Alfred and sometimes Gordon. Selina walked in on him starring at his wall of suspects. I mean- I just want to know why this all happened so that i can finally get some sort of closure. But i really do enjoy spending time with you.

I'm guessing that means you like me. So what do you like about me? You understand me in a way not even Alfred does. You really have helped me out.

gotham bruce and selena meet party

She walked up real close to him. She then pulled his face towards her and kissed him. Bruce was caught off guard and wasn't able to react in time to kiss back. Selina's lip's pulled away from him. She then smiled at him and walked off.

Gotham: The evolution of Bruce and Selina's relationship

It took a second for Bruce to process what just happened. He then realized Selina kissed him. And it was awesome. Selina felt sparks when she kissed Bruce. Selina didn't understand why she liked Bruce. She could tell he liked her. But why did she like him? Was it that he didn't have parents just like her. Was it that he had a darkness inside him that was growing just like her?

She just didn't understand how this geeky, awkward kid was stealing his heart. They became good friends. One day Bruce was sitting in his room when Selina decided to talk to him. She was so quite, he didn't notice until she was there until she sneaked up on him and scared him. She laughed as he jumped. He didn't say anything. I didn't even invite them. Alfred just said they're showing up to enjoy some booze. I won't even know these old people. But they'll be down stairs. You and I could just hang out up here.

It wasn't hard to hear about the billionaire's bash, he was in the public eye after all. She had heard some kids on the street talking about it, and almost felt a little hurt when she realized she wasn't invited. Anytime anything goes on at Wayne Manor, who doesn't find out? She popped it in her mouth, then almost immediately spit it into a napkin and put it back on the serving tray the waiter was holding.

She held back her smile, but her eyes gave her away. I feel like Alfred's going to lock my chamber door at night. He said something about not frolicking with females that I could 'impregnate'…" he scrunched his nose slightly, he couldn't see himself in that situation any time soon. But then again… Selina's cheeks blushed furiously. She was wearing boots with her gown but they were hidden by the hem of the dress.

'Gotham's David Mazouz Teases Bruce and Selina Team-Up, Says They Are "More Flirtatious Than Ever"

Is there a girl you're interested in? These girls did seem the eccentric socialite types. Perhaps she can be domesticated after all. Not in your wildest dreams. I take it this party was your idea, Alfred? He didn't question the older man, he was his legal guardian after all and he knew what was best for Bruce. He held his hand out, wiggling his fingers ever so slightly. If it's your phone you've lost, I thought I saw one at the bottom of the pool.

Wouldn't hurt to take a dive. He narrowed his eyes toward her, "I'm proving you guilty, I see the outline of my wallet under the lining of your… garment. There was no point in checking, he already knew it'd been cleared out.

Stealing wallets right down to stealing a dance. Mercy on her if she thinks she's stealing anything else from him. Selina wasn't used to being seen so publicly but at least she escaped that possible punishment.

She placed a hand on his forearm, and her other hand settled gently in his. To his surprise, she was relatively light on her feet, except a few clumsy steps at the beginning.

She brought her body a little closer to his. He had no need for anything material, he more or less had it all. What Bruce Wayne truly wanted couldn't be bought, he tried that. He hoped she couldn't feel him trembling. So I wanted to get you something you couldn't buy…" Bruce raised an eyebrow, "And what would that be? She bit her lip. It was exclusive to him? What could it possibly be?

He wasn't fond of surprises, but Bruce had a feeling that she had something else up her lacy sleeves. She leaned in closer, her lips just inches from his. Those can be occupied for private use. You have the biggest mansion in Gotham City, I'm sure there's a room we can use to unwrap your gift.

She had a gift for him that could be opened in any location… just what was it? If Alfred found out I was doing something…" Bruce was trying to find the perfect words that wouldn't offend Selina.

Selina had to hold back a laugh.

Bruce Wayne

He was starting to put two and two together, she wanted to play a game of hide and seek. He could oblige no problem, despite it being a strange request.

Selina… that's…" Her smile stretched from ear to ear. She put her hand on the door knob then stopped and looked at him, her smile faltering. Do exactly what you have planned. Her smile was once again at full force.

She opened the door to the dark bedroom and backed into it, guiding Bruce by his hand.

gotham bruce and selena meet party

She flicked the light switch and shut the door behind him in one move, then she captured his gaze in her own. Her lips crashed against his, her tongue quickly invading his mouth as she walked backward pulling him with her until she was leaning up against the bed.