Fiona and finn meet episode

fiona and finn meet episode

The cube world is the 1st episode of the 4th season Two cubes in the land of Ooo take Finn to the land of The climactic sword fight begins: Finn & Fionna vs. Finn writes his own fanfic where he meets Fionna. It'll start like a normal ep and they've been transported to F+C's Ooo through some such. "Fionna and Cake" is the ninth episode of the third season of the American animated television In this episode, Finn and Jake are forced to listen to The Ice King's fanfiction about the gender-swapped Fionna (voiced by Madeleine Martin) and Cake Fionna and Cake start to fight her before she mysteriously disappears.

Undaunted, Fionna uses the ice to beat Ice Queen over the head. Ice Queen pushes her off with a burst of snow which allows Fionna to get close to enough to break Prince Gumball free and knock out the Ice Queen with a broken icicle.

Cake bursts in and sees Gumball standing next to Fionna in her torn dress; she jumps to the wrong conclusion and lunges at him but Fionna stops Cake and tells her it was the Ice Queen all along. Just then Ice Queen recovers and blasts Cake away from Fionna only to have Fionna knock her magic tiara off which negates her powers. The real Gumball asks Fionna on a date and is turned down; Fionna notes that she does not need a boyfriend at the moment.

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The episode reveals that the entire story was a fanfiction created by the Ice King that he is reading to Finn and Jake who are incapacitated in ice.

The Ice King asks how they enjoyed his story; Finn hesitates at first but hurriedly placates him when Ice King threatens them with his ice powers. Neil Patrick Harris voiced Prince Gumball in the episode "Fionna and Cake", taking place in a gender-swapped universe, likewise features gender-swapped versions of the inhabitants of Ooo. A list of the major characters that feature in "Fionna and Cake" follows.

Fionna is a brave and adventurous girl who struggles with issues pertaining to attraction and romance.

Fionna & Cake Meet Finn & Jake

Cake is sarcastic and boisterous but is also Fionna's loyal friend. He is the frequent victim of the Ice Queen's kidnapping schemes and appears that he harbors some sort of feelings for Fionna. Much like her male counterpart, the Ice Queen is constantly scheming to kidnap a mate her most frequent target being Prince Gumball.

The genesis for the episode were drawings that character designer and storyboard revisionist Natasha Allegri posted onto the internet during her free time.

fiona and finn meet episode

Allegri even re-rerecorded the show's theme—which had originally been sung by series creator Pendleton Ward —for the episode. The second act of the story featured Gumball and Fionna going on a date in a restaurant, rather than on an adventure.

Sugar also wrote several lines for Marshall Lee—Marceline's male counterpart—but they were cut for time.

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Sugar "begged" Ward to let her work the character back into the story somehow, but the character only appeared in a non-speaking cameo. The Brave and the Bold at the time. Princess Bubblegum is informed by Peppermint Butler of the news. Princess Bubblegum's orders the total mobilization of the Candy Army.

Soon, the Army mobilizes. They pass the Graveyard, where Starchy is digging new graves. They ask him questions regarding Fionna. Soon enough, Marshall Lee appears at the mention of his name. They are immediately met with a view of The Lich's Army.

In the distance, she see's Finn. Her immediate incentive is to run for it. But Cake advises against it. Suddenly, Fionna is tossed into the air by a landmine left over from the Mushroom War towards Finn's location.

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Fionna lands near Finn, but out of sight. After a humorous sequence where they just miss each other, they finally come face-to-face. The 2 go into stasis to begin a process called "Memory Sharing". Images of the "Great Mushroom War" are shown.

fiona and finn meet episode

The 2 introduce themselves to each, then hug, as the scene fades. They waste no time joining the battle. The battle seems to be in the Candy Armies control Many Candy Soldiers are killed.

The climactic sword fight begins: It lasts only 3 minutes, and The Lich is overwhelmed.