Esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

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esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

After running from loan collections with Leone, Tatsumi meets a strange Imperial Esdeath and Tatsumi get teleported to a deserted island by an Imperial Arms. When Tatsumi's lips touched hers, Esdeath felt like time had stopped. The kiss could have lasted only a second, or it could have bee. Esdeath and Tatsumi (Akame ga Kill) [gif]. Anime ShowsAkame Ga KillI . I met my current boyfriend when he was cosplaying Link! He also asked me to be his.

To be honest, it was flattering if not a bit creepy in the sense that he had not seen this woman ever in his life. So what gives way to confusion, often lead to curiosity more so than caution as he stared back. His patience gave way to an amused tone of voice, as if enjoying the staring contest. Her eyes briefly turned into slits, making his heart rate speed up at the sudden spectacle. I haven't done anything to you as far as I'm concerned or did I warrant something to get your attention?

It didn't hurt to be forward in such things, but being friendly with him tended to become awkward if the truth about his rank was ever known. He had little experience in having casual conversations due to the fact of his status as a Colonel, he had talked with several Generals or rather officers when he was still an enlisted soldier years ago when he first came into the Empire's service. So, in all honesty talking to someone as an equal was slightly strange but it was welcomed.

Taxes are a bitch and paying for your set of armor isn't cheap in this city. Her strength made him wince, as his skulls resisted the pressure being forced onto it and for a second he swore this woman was made of steel rather than flesh from her strength alone. Trying to understand her reasons, Tatsumi looked around the tavern to see a young man like himself sitting near the back end of the establishment itself.

He had green hair covering half of his face and seemed to be bored. Which was odd, most people would be nervous in having a friend ask a stranger for money. Then again for all he knew, the young man was just nervous within himself and had found a way to mask the emotion by doing whatever he could to ignore it. He had done the same thing, when aftermaths of suppressing rebellions in the West could do that to a person in his shoes. So ignoring that particular feeling, he replied in a curious manner while drinking the rest of his drink on the wooden top in front of him.

He doesn't seem thrilled to go out and join the Imperial Army. You sure you want me to pay the fee for him to get in, its not that expensive if I recall at the top of my head. In fact, I doubt you'd need my help Miss Well, woman technically as she smiled at him as if studying his response which was a bit unnerving.

Were all people outside of the Army really this scrutinizing when others asked to defend their gold purses? Leaning away from the woman he kept his gaze forward on the mirror, clearly seeing his 'companion' flaunt her assets as if tempting him to look over at her. Ignoring that urge, he just waited. Silently he waited for answer, to his own question.

The names Leone, by the way. Its nice to meet you. And is that so hard to strike up a proper conversation with someone? Idly resisting the urge to swat the limb away, he kept his gaze trained on the blond haired woman clearly watching her movements.

So for a few moments, the two people gazed into each others eyes searching one another for answers to unexpected questions that lingered in their psyche. But like all mysterious things, they passed into shadows as Leone broke her gaze to lean over to take a drink out of Tatsumi's cup who was a bit annoyed at that move. Her eyes were playfully daring him to make a remark on her actions, clearly to see if he had restraint in some shape or form. Well, he really had enjoyed drinking that fruit alcoholic drink now.

Not many man can stare at my face and be straight tongued to demand anything from me, so tell me really: Tatsumi idly had to wonder if this women was an Imperial Spy agent or something of that extent, she certainly met the standards for the espionage of the militarist arm and it certainly gave him that type of vibe.

Still, she hadn't really asked anything other than generalized information that he was free to give out. As for her intentions, he had little clue other than genuine interest in him.

I got stationed here recently, as in today. I'm just a soldier for the Empire Leone and I don't have any ill intentions towards you personally. I just wanted a small piece of time for myself, a drink to calm my nerves and to just enjoy the Empire as it is. Few could claim that his integrity was rotten, as he valued honesty in order for people to express their wishes instead of twisting truths.

It often solved problems, in the quickest fashion to get results and so he had kept that type of social value to himself. Leone's lips curled into a smile, as she purred into his ear while holding his drink in her furthest hand. Her own legs folded, with her foot teasing the side of his thigh tracing its length. Her intentions were becoming curious now as far as Tatsumi was aware of in this moment.

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It got him rather, uneasy for a better lack of a word. If you are that honest with me, how about you would like to care to spend the night with me after you pay for my friend there to go into the Imperial barracks to enlist? Still a virgin at his age was just pure and a better lack of a word: It caused his spine to shudder in delight or fright, either way it made his entire core shake with an unknown feeling that demanded to be sated.

This challenge had been issued on some level, his body had responded while his mind was leaps behind trying to play catch up.

Quivering from her touch, the woman clearly enjoyed the effect she had onto him. No offense, I hardly know you and having a few drinks to go to a room would be kind of on the border of rape Miss Leone. I'd rather not have that on my conciseness thank you. I hope you understand why at the least.

The woman pouted, leaning back a bit as her leg retracted away from his own: That sensation made certain parts of his body react strongly, as he inhaled to calm down his raging hormones that had been ignored while on the battlefields. Tatsumi's mind began to cloud with darker thoughts, as he automatically worked to suppress them back due to his own misdeeds as a soldier of the Empire.

It got him slightly sick to his stomach, in reality it just made him bitter. So think you can help a sister out here, I wouldn't mind returning the favor in the future for you personally. His kindness had won out, if a person had dreams and hope to make in the army: Help your friend, help him achieve his dreams and I want you, to promise me, to have hope that the Empire will be a better place tomorrow.

She whispered into his ear, "Sure handsome. And thank you again love, I'll be sure to pay you back in the future. Try to have a good night and stay safe, its a bit dangerous after dark as a fair warning. See you around, Tatsumi.

Tatsumi had to blink in confusion as the expression was replaced with an apathetic boredom to the rest of the world. And with that, the two were gone out the door. Because that's a fine looking lady you should hold onto, take it from me: I wouldn't do that to a woman if we had too much to drink, it's not right.

And besides, the odds are I won't see her again at all. I think I got swindled for a sob story, to be honest. Might as well enjoy the mark she left on you, purple looks good on you if I had to guess.

Reaching up to the side of his face, he felt a moisture that got him annoyed. Oh great, now people think I'm going to be a man-whore or womanizer. Ugh, never trust a pretty face again or I will go crazy from the suspense.

Most of the dangers thrived at night and the capital held no such qualms to invite him to die. Perhaps he had been given a stroke of good fortune after all, Tatsumi could only marvel at the beauty of the city after the sun had fallen.

He had changed out of his uniform for something more comfortable, leaving him as ordinary as many common folks that lived within the walls. Carrying his bag with his folded uniform, he had a furred sweater with black plants to cover his frame and his armored boots to keep his feet warm.

Slung over his shoulder, the parcel with his orders and spare money was secured tightly to keep a mugger from trying to make off with it. Not to mention he had two weapons attached to his body, the Saber from his time in the Legion on his right hip and his old villages weapon across his back as a back-up at a moments notice.

So for a few hours had wandered the city, usually walking Noburu through the streets intent on finding a lodge for the night. However to his embarrassment, many of them were filled one way or another to leave him stranded on the streets for the night to come. Hindsight was a bitch, spending so such time in a bar really should have been the secondary objective and more so to report to the Imperial Palace was the lightened on the hill over-watching the massive urban center. So like all soldiers, he dealt with the cool night and occasionally had to peer over his shoulder to make sure, few muggers would dare to take a shot at him.

Offering condolences was one thing, but he wasn't going to allow himself to be killed if things went south immediately. So he had wandered around for hours, absently taking in the darkened corners of the Capital with a stoic face as he witnessed shadows moving beyond his sight at times.

Those that preyed on weak people had definitely ignored his presence, for willing to contend with a prey that could kill a stupid predator in a straight up fight. More than once he got onto Noburu as a precaution to keep himself mobile if someone had the audacity to attack him, he didn't wish to spill blood over a gold purse but in the end if the forced his hand, so be it.

His kindness had limits and defending himself was not above something he could afford to get him killed. Still he kept his heart sealed and his gaze readied in order to defend against the scum of the capital, that it had to offer if necessary.

Beyond that he had stumbled upon a lone carriage with several guards attending to it, he had been walking his horse with a slumped expression on his face. Finding a vacant tavern seemed practically a myth at the rate he was moving through the capital city.

However much to his positive outlook, the carriage that he had bumped into or rather it had pulled up next to him revealed something that made his eyes narrow in confusion. An Aristocratic lady, a young girl with a beautiful face and a kind expression appeared walking towards him; she had offered him a place inside her carriage to care for him for the night.

Her kindness seemed genuine as he had taken a moment to realize that this was one of the upper class in the capital city and it was rare to be invited into their households on a whim.

She greeted him with a smile that would've sent a lesser man into a red face frenzy, but he kept his calm nature while politely bowing to the Nobility of the Empire who seemed to be pleased at the respectful tone he held.

She called herself, Aria. As for the rest of the confrontation, the young girl had offered him a place at her home for the night. And seeing that finding a lodge for the night was getting a bit irritating, Tatsumi agreed while hitching his horse to the back of the carriage so that she could be placed in the families personal stables. The two made some small talk, as Tatsumi only revealed the basics about his occupation and kind of just tried to get some rest on the way to the mansion that he was going to be staying at.

In fact, when he witnessed Aria's home he had to withhold an urge to scowl: For all he knew, these people donated some of their fortunes to the public services but he didn't make assumptions at first glance at all. So for awhile, he had been escorted into the mansion viva the guards with Aria at the head of the precession, she had claimed to have him meet her parents who were the very image of Aristocratic at their finest.

esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

Or worst, pending on his own feelings about the rich that formed the upper classes. I wonder how many this makes, love. This is becoming quite the habit now.

In fact, Aria seemed to be beaming as if priding herself on helping a person and from the young Colonel's standpoint She seemed to be somewhat forcing the expression which was odd, again. I recently got into the capital and for what its worth, your home is just amazing. I don't think I've seen a more grander place since I've been alive and I thank you for your daughters, kind gesture to let me stay in your home for tonight. I'll be sure to replay this debt, as much as I can do.

However their eyes seemingly were piercing his weaponry, or rather the elegant blade that was on his hip, which brought questions to the young Colonel's mind at that very moment. They were suspicious of about the state he traveled in, but at what expense? Where did they see the danger in him as he ignored the looks before being addressed to be escorted to his guest quarters for the night.

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Although the father of Aria brought up a question, as they were about to retire for the night. I must confess, it looks you put a lot of effort into taking care of such a weapon. He hated them, to an extent but he explained a little about his origins as a means to give the man answers.

I find it ironic that 'Heroes' are no more than mercenaries with a good word and get their jobs done, I had to grow up quite a bit to understand the need that money can assist those in troubles.

I wandered around on the Western Frontier doing jobs for the military at times and earning my keep, I even got this Saber for my efforts in assisting one of the Legions stationed there.

I worked with one of the Imperial Legions called the 'Sabers' and I had to say, they were one hell of a fighting force to be with. They gave me a presented sword for doing a lot of jobs and I had an impression on the leadership there when we had to put down rebellions or fight to expand the borders of the Empire, it was an eye opening experience for the most part.

Perhaps you wish to become such a thing in the future, if I may add due to your enthusiasm to expand the Empire. In fact, I'm searching for able bodied men to be sponsored by us to enter the ranks to increase our standings.

esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

He hadn't used that authority at all due to the fact, he hadn't actually searched for recruits to join the 'Imperial Sabers' and his command was revoked due to his position in the Capital. Still he replied again kindly to the elder woman who seemingly was eying his physique now. Eventually I will join it again but for the moment, I wanted to see the Empire for what it was worth and find the few that followed me out to make a name for ourselves.

In fact, I'm hoping to find two friends of mine someday and I wish them good fortunes in wherever they are now. I'd be happy to lend assistance if we ever come across them in the future. I'd be more in your debt if you ever tell me of their whereabouts.

So I'll bid you a good night and to have sweet dreams All in all, this seemed like a nice family as the young Colonel excused himself to be led away by a servant who directed him to his room for the night. The bright skies lit with stars as they shined with a purity that few could hope to achieve in their life times. And Tatsumi felt at ease with himself. Perhaps their was hope for the Empire yet.

At least until the next morning anyways Maybe I was being too optimistic, how can I have hope in people when they spend so much fucking money! God's mercy the horses will die in shame if they lug that much crap around. Jewelery, toys and most of all clothing. The young Lady had dragged him around asking about the clothing she could try on and for it was worth, it got annoying after the second time they hit the lingerie store more than once to get a reaction out of him.

Hell even the guards escorting them were getting tired from lugging the packages and for what it was worth: The young Colonel could only help them, which was a blessing to clean his ears out from Aria's insatiable need for clothing to indulge her desires in some shape or form. But she was smiling, genuinely happy more so than he admitted as he watched over her while ideally making any shadier people back off from their journey across the merchant sector of the Capital City. Overall it wasn't at all that bad, sure he had some groan worthy moments But for the sake of his male pride: It took several hours and what not to be on their way back home, but along the way Tatsumi noticed the various posters of wanted individuals that got his attention immediately.

Riding on Noburu, he asked the nearest guard next to his horse about the posters and the answer wasn't disappointing in the slightest. It had been quite some time since he had visited this place and those posters weren't on the walls of various structures much to his hidden interest.

Information would nice about those wanted by the Imperial-Law and he felt inclined to understand why. They've been around for a bit now, targeting people and what not. It is they who have been terrorizing any rich people within the capital and now fear is now so open, for everyone to face in their nightmares. Terror is their weapon and for its worth, its getting to the point its affecting public life. Notice how people are down-ridden as we ride by, many of them have had family or friends killed by them and its only getting worse.

Someone hired them to kill others for power or other selfish gains at the least, he could allow one to be captured alive to be interrogated. The Empire needed hope and having a mad psychopathic group like Night-Raid would be met with steel and arms to take them down into hell itself. Other than that, he honestly had never heard of this group and for what it was worth: He looked over at Aria who was viewing a vendor and pointing at a silver inscribed laced ring that held a ruby so pure red, that he'd mistake it as a heart.

It seemed to be worth quite a bit of money, as Aria had paid the merchant with a charming smile and a small bag of gold. She walked over to them and the guards could only snicker at Tatsumi's silent groan of agony. That merchant said, this ring is meant as a way for one person to give affection to another back in the olden ways. Before arranged marriages and what not, but I picked it out since it'd look good on you. Will you accept my gift? Apart of him wanted to be remain humble in life, but for it wasn't his morals that made him pause.

Her eyes were absolutely glowing with unrestricted happiness, that made him sigh internally: What in the hell did he need a silver like ring to match the uniform that was packed away in his bag even now? In the end he figured it'd be the right thing to say 'yes' to it and just have as a reminder that friends could be made in any place by hope alone.

Better to be kind and understanding, than to become an utter ass to those who wished himself good will. So he smiled and accepted such a gift, kissing the young woman on the back of her hand as a sign of gratitude that made her face flush. And long story short, he had an expensive ring on his left index finger. Beyond that the day ended and it seemed like another night was to befall the Capital.

Or so he thought. This place is under attack, son of a bitch. Throwing off the covers, he got his uniform on immediately as his heart raced inside his chest. Blood was being spilled in the very heart of the Empire and he was going to be caught in the crossfire with no sort of reinforcements to secure the perimeter to catch the would-be murderers. Silently sighing to himself to get his body out of the bed, the air around him became stained with the smell of blood.

Rapidly he slipped on his vest and cloak to be prepared once he located the family he was stay with. His uniform was a bright white tailor made as an officer, with red trimming on the borders of the cloth and having a cape that signified him as a Colonel made his figure stand out in the burning moonlight. Placing his former villages sword onto his back, he gripped the Saber at his side before reaching inside the small parcel of his to remove a certain piece of head gear that made him stood out amongst his fellow soldiers in the field.

A white beret with red lining with the symbol of the Empire in the center its forehead. Pulling fingerless gloves over his hands, he had the ring in place from Aria as he adjusted the beret for a final time and rushing out of his room. He sprinted along the hallways smelling the copper that was saturating the air around him, as he passed by the windows leading onto the Mansions grounds he witnessed a sight that got his heart racing in fear.

On the outside grounds, a squad of guards were being slaughtered. A group of figures were standing on something in the air, as two of their comrades were killing the nearly panic stricken guards. That wasn't a fair fight, not in the slightest as his knuckles gripped the handle of his Saber which was giving him urges to cut down the murderers of this family.

He had nothing against Aria nor her family, sure they were wealthy but that wasn't' a reason to justify their killings if they weren't already dead. Distantly flashes of steel caught his eyes as he moved with a purpose, speeding through the hallways encountering half-alive bodies that were cut in half.

And soon enough he passed by the gruesome remains of Aria's Mother, who was sliced in half and decapitated in a mockery of a fight. She didn't even have the chance to defend herself, it was sickening to his stomach and he'd find her killer one way or another. For I am the Emperor's sword, and I ask for his will, to have hope to be done. Shaking his heads he moved to see the faint outlines of Aria vanishing into the grounds out back near the stables and storeroom areas, his heart raced as he sprinted after her.

His eyes could see the escort of a firearm marksmen guard, who was scared in his own right as he tried to protect his ladyship. Tatsumi literally came flying out behind them. As a result the guard pointed the weapon at the young Colonel who raised his hand in peace. I'm not the one invading Aria's home, stand down for a moment. But, but you said you were a traveler and apart of the Armies as a mercenary. It wasn't important to mention it ether, but know this: I'm a soldier of the Empire and I will stand against the evil threatening it.

We can not make it to the city on our speed alone, it'd be a fool hardy attempt and the lack of men suggest many of my peers are dead. They'll just break down the doors or walls, so do me a favor and keep Aria behind you at all times.

If anyone tries to get past me, shoot them without any hesitation since I'll be defending the both of you. Try not to panic and you will see the next sun rise again, is that clear?

Now that was out of the way, the young officer did what he could to steady himself as the assailants of the Manor had come out into an open field just before the woods of the mansion itself. Rolling his shoulders, he kept his hands at his sides to find himself calming down to potentially view the battlefield that was going to be the Manor's own grounds.

Akame ga Kill! Episode 14 Discussion

Not to mention there is some truth left after-all, I don't see why this family has been targeted but, I'll get answers one way or another. I just feel like this is all too sudden and the reasons are not matching up at all. Feeling shivers crawl up his spine, Tatsumi gripped the hilt of his Saber and held it in a loose grip, slicing a line in the dirt before speaking up in a voice that warranted caution. A single crack of 'steel' clashed as the two blades sparked along their lengths as both wielders fought.

The girl spoke a single sentence to him as he held her back with a moderate effort. His time in the 'Imperial Sabers' had pushed his body into acceptable levels of physical ruggedness when one fought in wars. Grunting she launched herself around the soldier, attempting to bypass his guard directly. Only for another blade to appear in her eyes as she hissed as her arm got cut form a secondary weapon the young man in front of her pulled out.

That didn't make her any less happier to see that the soldier was proficient to use dual weaponry. Rising up Tatsumi kept his gaze cool and collected, with his smaller blade in his left hand and the Saber in right, to keep the girl at bay. His sudden reveal of the second weapon gave her pause, at the level since a dual wielding opponent got an edge over a single weapon user in melee combat.

Shields were good to an extent but dual blades, gave the fatal edge one needed to win a duel. Inhaling slightly, he noticed movement behind as the rest of the Assassin's were coming to the location. Without any sort of reinforcements, he'd have to hold off a small group of an unknown amount of time. He buried a chill of uneasiness, as the girl glared at him fully for the blood slipping down her shoulder.

Expertly she flipped her blade, before launching herself at him. Parrying the attack, Tatsumi slashed at his assailant numerous times forcing her to peddle backwards, as he kept avoiding the blade since it screamed 'unnatural' to his mind and his instincts were screaming at him to stay back. His heart rate sky rocketed as he stopped suddenly to see how far he was from the trembling Aria and Guardsmen, the two were watching the spectacle with pale faces.

Moving backwards to avoid a narrow decapitation, the Colonel moved back to his sword drawn line in the dirt. Panting a bit, his arms were going numb from blocking that weapon of that girls. It was downright pushing him to his limits to keep up with this Assassin, Night-Raid had some insane dangers to their members it seemed and things were only going to heat up, as he witnessed an Armored Humanoid drop to the girl's side as if intrigued by her lack of kills.

The voice was metallic but raspy, similar to a males but held a beast like quality to it that got Tatsumi on guard. These items that these assassins held were starting to make sense, these things weren't just weapons. His limbs felt like lead weights, no wonder it hurt to block the strength of that girl and the answers hit him full on like an enemy calvary charge.

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No wonder these Assassins were dicing their way through the guards, these guys are actual Teigu-Users and that's the only thing I've gotten to be terrified off since the rumors of the Ice Demon when I just enlisted into the Army. Oh son of a bitch, this blows so much crap. It damn well got him fearful as the man's voice spoke up, clearly amused and rather curious when facing him.

His armor didn't seem to have any signs to be pierced by his Saber, which he doubted he would do much against the powerful weapons of the First Emperor himself. He's just a competent opponent, I don't think he realizes whose he's defending.

It'd be a shame to kill him. It made the young Colonel wince as his arm throbbed from considering to defend against such a massive armored warrior. The steel like metal accented the man's form behind the suit, he looked simply like a monster if one had to make guesses on a physical level and that monstrous spear just added to the hell that could be made.

Plus that massive spear like weapon didn't make the idea of fighting in close combat any less appealing. But no offense, little guy, your in the way of our target. No hard feelings, since she's going to die.

Either step away or get crushed. Take your suggestions and fuck off. The next turn of this battle wouldn't be the matter of pushing the enemy back, but merely prolonging this battle to await the reinforcements that would come from the Capital City's guard at the least and hopefully, see that next sunrise.

Clutching both of his weapons tightly, he stared unflinching at both of the Assassins of Night-Raid with no regrets other than to fight them off, he could assume what they were feeling as the Armored Teigu flashed forward raising his spear into an overhead arch of destruction.

Tatsumi leapt back clearly avoiding it, as he parried a strike from the girl who looked annoyed at his prevention to get at Aria, as she was against the storeroom granite wall. The other guard fired several shots as the armored Teigu lazily blocked them from his face, it just screamed an unfairness that the young Colonel hated more than anything.

Pivoting on his right ankle, the dual sword user forced off the black girl to just barely avoid getting cut in half from the Armored User, who just seemingly hefted the spear onto his shoulder as if taking a moment to penetrate the defense had he mustered against the two of them.

esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

Needless to say, Tatsumi still hadn't let them cross the dirt line he had forged minutes ago. And it started to show as sweat dripped down his neck, the strain he had to contend with to fight these super-powered monsters would eventually get him killed in reality. But he had no other choice, if he didn't then another murder would be caused and the that would inexcusable to allow such an injustice to occur.

The safeguard of the Imperial citizens made this fight all the more reason to give it all his effort. The two vanished as his eyes widened in shock to see the two Assassins on his flanks! I'm going to get ruffed up now! Cringing as his limbs cracked with pain, the young officer performed a diagonal lunge to get away from the two, as they looked over in shock to see him panting heavily as he avoided yet another death blow.

The two Night-Raid Assassins were narrowing their gazes clearly trying to figure out the level that the Army Soldier was displaying before them. Ganging up, trying to overpower one person? At this point, any longer he was going to get messed up and badly at that. Teigu were dangerous in the normal scenario when having an army fight against a user, but having nothing other than a single soldier stand against a pair of them was suicidal.

Nothing could be done other than to die in the best manners possible, since a single person could not hand two of these things at once without a Teigu of their own.

Do you know of what her family and she has done personally? I was not aware that soldiers defended evil corrupted nobles. I hope you understand that girl's family is responsible for dozens who were taken into their 'care' off the streets.

His eyes were gauging the two as they stood casually watching him, as he heard movement from his right-hand side. Flipping his Saber, the Colonel pointed at the sight of a familiar woman who he had meant from earlier. However she looked rather Looked like a hybrid humanoid animal? Oh dear, this is quite the place to run into you here and hell, its pretty shocking to me.

Talk about awkward as hell, right? A breeze picked up as the Assassins felt their spines tingle from the gaze of the Army Officer who glared at them with one of his eyes, which was pulsing with an anger so unholy that all three of them took a step back as a killing intent leveled them down.

An intent dead set on making them nothing more than food for the crows, if give the chance, "I see how it is now. I guess so because I never watched that anime before. Seven Minutes in Heaven is a game! I owe you one. Take it easy on me Dammit! I'm not sure if I should be scared or impressed that she wants to hug the Emperor. But why is Lubba freaking out because Syura is here? I'm still right here you know! I skipped that part. I guess he's still traumatized from the torture he went through.

Let's get the birds out of the closet. You're a terrible liar. Come on out you two and you do realize that there was a security camera in there right? Maru where are Run's clothes? So how was the date? She was agitating the Rave shippers. She shouldn't exist anyway. W-what are you doing? Okay you little pipsqueak Maru dares you to make a law that all babies should be named Joe for an entire year!

I now degree that all babies must be named Joe for a year The cute, narcissistic little brother I never had. Lubba I think you should run now Oh Lubba, you can just have one next year.

Okay while Lubbock is running for his life here's my dare for Akame. Don't eat meat for a day. We'll see how you last.

esdeath and tatsumi meet joe

Susanoo please prepare a large amount of meat and set it in front Akame. We have to make sure she doesn't break. Oh, you two are back! Um, who's safe at the moment Oh Tatsumi, will you patch him up? Tatsumi if you open your mouth again the only thing you're going to get is my fist in it.

Wow a last minute dare for Susanoo. Make out with Najenda and tell her you love her and that she only belongs to you and not Lubbock. Oh yeah you have to do all of that in front of him. But I don't like Miss Najenda like that Maru can you threaten him for me. I'm too tired of threatening people today.

Sorry but you were choking the emperor. Also I need you to threaten Susanoo. And I was, oh sorry Emperor. You are mine and mine alone. You don't belong to Lubbock. You only belong to me. Oh Lubba, we don't ALL hate you. Just most of us. You know a lot people ship you with Susanoo and Leone. I support both ships. Wait, me, Najenda, or Lubba?