Eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

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eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

EastEnders favourite Stacey was with Bradley Branning, Max's son, when the affair took place. Their sordid affair was exposed to the Brannings. Bradley first arrives in Walford and comes to live with Jim Branning and his wife He met Stacey Slater and began a relationship with her (after chasing her for a. Everyone in the square thinks that Bradley is the baby's father but Stacey tells are in R&R nightclub and then arrested, Ryan is left to look after Lily for the first time. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, where she meets Lily and Stacey's.

Stacey is uncertain and secretly continues having birth control pills. She seduces Callum Monks Elliott Jordan. She immediately regrets cheating on Bradley. Although she attempts to reignite the spark in her marriage, Stacey divorces Bradley.

She has a one-night stand with Callum, which leads to them dating. They split, however, over his harsh treatment of her mother.

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She steals money from her family, sleeps with various men on the go and becomes a heavy drinker. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but is non-compliant with her medication and becomes paranoid, experiencing hallucinations.

She believes that they are both planning to kill her. After attacking Archie with a broken glass and accusing her friends and family of planning to hurt her, Stacey is involuntarily committed to hospital, where she befriends Becca Swanson Simone James. Upon her release, Bradley confesses his feelings for Stacey and they reconcile.

Then Stacey discovers she is 3 months pregnant, so Bradley could not be the father. She tells Bradley that Archie raped her and must be the father. Archie is murdered that night by an unknown assailant. Stacey and Bradley agree to pretend the baby is theirs, and remarry on 18 February A jealous Becca reveals the rape to Archie's eldest daughter Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womackwho tells Stacey that Archie was infertile following cancer treatment.

Becca informs the police that Bradley had a motive to kill Archie. He and Stacey attempt to flee Walford, but Bradley is caught by the police and falls to his death while trying to escape. A distraught Stacey confesses to Max that she killed Archie while her world falls apart.

Stacey decides not to tell Ryan that he must be the father of her baby. He exhibits a romantic interest in her, which is later revealed to be part of a bet with his girlfriend Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks.

Upset by this revelation, Stacey's waters break. Ryan stays with her as she gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Lily. Ryan initially refuses to act as a parent to her, but bonds with her when Stacey and a jealous Janine are arrested for fighting during a night out. Janine's jealousy escalates to kidnapping Lily, but Ryan convinces her to return her. Stacey and Ryan grow closer, spending time together, and they passionately kiss. During this time, Lauren now Jacqueline Jossa discovers Stacey's guilt in Archie's murder and records a confession on her phone.

Stacey attempts to flee to Palma, Majorcabut Ryan stops her, telling her he has feelings for her and wants to date her. They start an affair, but, unbeknownst to them, Janine finds out and poisons Ryan in revenge. Ryan is hospitalised and on his return, he convinces Janine he loves her but publicly declares his love for Stacey in The Queen Vic. Janine walks in as they are in a passionate embrace. She concedes defeat until Lauren, who still believes Max is emotionally involved with Stacey, gives Janine the recorded confession.

The next day, Janine attempts to play the recording in front of customers in The Queen Vic, but it has been recorded over because Lauren warned Max. Janine says that Stacey killed Archie but no one believes her. Stacey leaves the pub in tears, followed by Ryan. She then breaks down and tells Ryan that Janine said the truth. Ryan convinces Stacey to leave with him as Janine will call the police.

Stacey lets Janine in and she attempts to set Stacey up by grabbing a knife, placing it into Stacey's hand and stabbing herself. Stacey runs out of the house and Janine convinces Jean to call the police. Stacey contemplates suicide but Max stops her and says he will help her to escape.

Stacey convinces Jean that Janine has framed her. Ryan plans to run away with Stacey, but Stacey states that events have happened rapidly, and she is not sure whether she loves him. Stacey ends their romance. Ronnie and Roxy confront her, and Stacey confesses that she did kill Archie. Ronnie tells her to go, and Max drives her to the airport as the police arrive on the Square.

At the airport, Max says he loves her and offers to leave with her, but she tells him she only ever loved Bradley. She and Lily then board a flight and leave the country. Luke believes that Stacey's name is "Jenny Smith" and is unaware of her criminal history. Stacey sees Kat leaving and confronts her in Albert Square. Kat later tells Luke "Jenny" is really Stacey so he ends the relationship. Stacey and Lily spend the night at Kat and Alfie's house and the following day, Kat visits Janine in prison to ask her to withdraw the statement she made accusing Stacey of stabbing her.

Janine agrees so Stacey returns to Albert Square. Luke visits Stacey, but leaves, after discovering that she killed Archie. After listening to what Luke said, Stacey decides to clear Bradley's name and calls the police, telling them that she killed Archie. She is arrested and later sentenced to five years in prison. Stacey appeals her sentence after realising how much Lily is missing her, and is successful.

Stacey returns to Walford, moving in with Kat and Alfie. Alfie commits arson, destroying the home and everything that belonged to Bradley. She and Lily move into Dean's flat and Stacey discovers that Alfie caused the fire. Stacey discovers that Dean raped Linda Carter Kellie Brightso ends the relationship and forces him to move out.

Stacey talks to Sean over video chat, and he tells her to look after a key. Stacey is worried about Kat and Alfie leaving, following their lottery win.

Shabnam's on-off boyfriend Kush Kazemi Davood Ghadami rescues her; they kiss and she tells him that Shabnam had a daughter she abandoned. Kush's friend, Martin Fowler James Bye becomes her flatmate. Martin and Stacey date briefly before she realises she has feelings for Kush, despite his engagement to Shabnam. They kiss for a second time but they regret it. Stacey is jealous when Shabnam reveals she is pregnant, and Stacey reconciles with Martin.

Jean returns and reveals that she is marrying Ollie the next day. Jean sees the key and becomes angry, so Stacey is curious and tries to find what the key is for, to no avail; Jean pretends to flush the key down the toilet. Stacey discovers she is pregnant, but Martin asks her to get a termination, claiming that it is too soon in their relationship. She decides to keep the baby after a talk with Shabnam. Martin decides to stand by her. Stacey is spooked when a man she does not know begins to follow her.

When Stacey finds out Martin is planning to propose, she says she does not want to marry again. He later proposes that she become his "not-wife", so they are committed but not married, and she agrees. She and her baby are fine, and she finds out she is having a boy.

eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

She forgives Lee, and tells Shabnam that she saw her dead father Brian when she was electrocuted. When Shabnam finds the baby scan Stacey is hiding, Stacey throws her out of the flat and tears up the scan photo.

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When Shabnam asks why Stacey is hiding the photo from Martin, Stacey admits he is not the father but the real father was a one-night stand before getting together with him.

When Kush confronts her, she tells him that she thinks he could be the father. Kush's mother Carmel Kazemi Bonnie Langford notices Kush and Stacey talking, and realises that he could be the father of Stacey's baby. Kush and Stacey convince Carmel not to tell Shabnam or Martin.

When Stacey later attends a church service and prays for her father, she sees Kyle, who then leaves suddenly without telling her who he is, causing her to become more suspicious.

eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

Stacey tells Martin she has a stalker, and when Jean and Ollie visit, she tells them too. Stacey realises that Jean knows who it is, and when she asks, Jean produces the key. Jean reveals the key is for Brian's safety deposit box in a bank.

Stacey opens the box but it is empty, so when she confronts Jean, Jean reveals that Brian had another family with another woman, saying they planned to give Stacey the key when she turned 21 but after Brian's death, Sean stole it.

Jean reveals that Kyle has been trying to contact her and Stacey through letters, making Stacey realise that Kyle is her half-brother. Kush tells Stacey that they must tell the truth to Shabnam and Martin about the paternity of Stacey's baby. Stacey gives birth at Lily's nativity play and Martin names the baby Arthur Fowlerafter his father. When Kush holds the baby, his behaviour makes Shabnam realise that he could be the baby's father.

Shabnam confronts Stacey but she denies Kush is the father. Kat visits Stacey for Christmas and discovers that Martin is not Arthur's father, urging Stacey to tell him the truth. As Stacey is about to do so, Kyle approaches her and formally introduces himself to her as her half-brother.

Believing people are trying to harm Arthur, Stacey unsuccessfully attempts to baptise Arthur through Dot's sink. She discovers that Charlie has died, so flees and meets Kyle, asking him to run away with her. Martin calls her, claiming that Kyle is not who he says he is and Stacey accuses Kyle of being the devil. She takes a cab and sees a vision of Charlie driving it, and he convinces her to return home to Walford.

Martin is forced to go along with this and convinces her to come home with him. By the time of Charlie's funeral, Stacey is convinced that Martin is a demon who is working with the devil. Eventually, Martin convinces her that he is not a demon and that a hospital is the safest place for her and Arthur. However, she is then sectioned after refusing to voluntarily admit herself, because she will be separated from Arthur. Stacey tells the doctor she has been hearing God's voice since Arthur's birth at Christmas, so the doctor suspects she is suffering from postpartum psychosis.

Martin apologises to her and promises to make things right, determined to find a way to bring her back together with Arthur. Shabnam soon realises that Stacey wants to see Arthur, so goes to Martin with the idea of getting Stacey and Arthur taken to a mother and baby care unit. When Shabnam decides to leave Walford, Stacey finally admits that Kush is Arthur's father, showing that she is starting to recover.

Martin finds a mother and baby unit for Stacey in Essex, and takes her and Arthur there. Stacey writes Martin a letter revealing that Arthur is Kush's son, but decides not to send it, however a nurse finds it and gives it to Martin; Martin is heartbroken. Stacey is allowed a home visit, where she meets Kyle again.

He explains that he is transgender and he used to be her sister but is now her brother. Stacey accepts and supports him and allows him to stay at her and Martin's flat. Stacey says she no longer wants to be Martin's "not-wife" and proposes to him, which he accepts, and tells Kush he can be part of Arthur's life, but Kush later decides he does not want to be Arthur's role model.

Stacey is discharged from the mother and baby unit. After being released, Stacey tries to talk to Masood but instead he rebuffs her apology, blaming her for Shabnam leaving. Carmel tries to persuade Masood to forgive her but instead gets angry when Masood does not show interest. Martin and Kyle think Stacey is putting too much pressure on herself when she invites Jean, Ollie and her cousin Belinda Peacock Carli Norris for a family dinner.

During the dinner, Jean does not accept that Kyle is transgender and instead calls him a liar. Stacey later argues with Jean to accept and believe Kyle but instead Jean leaves. Belinda then reveals that Stacey and Martin may have to move out because Kat is due to stop paying their rent. Martin's attempts to make money fail, and he takes work away from home. In Junehe asks Stacey for a divorce. Bradley is shocked when he discovers Gumbo's owner, Don, is in Walford, and wants Gumbo back.

eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

Bradley fights for Gumbo, but is devastated when the dog chooses to go with Don. Syd is offered a job in Canada, and Noah responds by running away. Bradley and Syd find him at the arcade, playing car games. Syd throws a party to celebrate her and Bradley leaving for Canada, despite Bradley not revealing this to his family yet. At the party, Stacey tells Bradley that she has bipolar disorder to which Bradley wishes he could have been there for her.

He tells Syd he is not ready to leave his family and friends and she suspects that Stacey put him off, however, he later tells Syd he wants to go to Canada. They hold a leaving party and leave on 9 Octoberduring which time Stacey is admitted to hospital due to her mental health.

When Rachel is injured in a car crash and hospitalised, Bradley, Syd and Noah return from Canada where Jean tells Bradley that Stacey would love to see him but he says they are not staying for long. As they prepare to return to Canada, he goes with Jean to pick up Stacey, telling Syd he is going to check on his mother. Bradley reveals that Syd has asked him to officially adopt Noah. Jean leaves Bradley and Stacey together at home where Stacey apologises for ruining Bradley's leaving party.

He then tells her he cannot go back to Canada because he loves her. Stacey tells Bradley she thinks she loves him and they kiss.

eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

Stacey tells Bradley he should go back to Canada to think about it but he goes to tell Syd it's over. Bradley tells Syd that he went to pick up Stacey and he had lied. He then says he is staying in Walford with Stacey. Syd angrily says it won't last because she will just cheat on him again. She begs for another chance and begs him not to stay with her for Noah. Bradley hugs Noah goodbye and Syd and Noah leave. Bradley and Stacey resume their relationship.

Remember EastEnders' Bradley Branning? He looks completely different now

They go on a short break, and when they return, Stacey collapses and Bradley finds work at Masala Queen. Bradley confronts him, punching him twice. Later that night, Archie is murdered. Stacey asks if Bradley did it and believes him when he says he did not.

They agree to say that the baby is hers and Bradley's. The police question Stacey and Bradley about the murder and they lie about the last time they both saw Archie. Bradley then reassures Stacey that her ordeal is all over.

eastenders bradley and stacey first meet

Jean finds out that Stacey is pregnant and works out that Bradley cannot be the father when she finds baby scan photos. Bradley worries that Jean will blurt it out but she says he can trust her not to say anything. Max overhears part of the conversation and Mo jokes that Bradley is about to confess to murder. Bradley then tells his family he cheated on Syd with Stacey. He goes for a job interview but Max is also being interviewed for the same job.

They later agree to go into business together. When Bradley attends the reopening of The Queen Victoria, he feels uncomfortable and leaves in a hurry. After Ian is arrested for murder, Bradley wonders why.

When Stacey invites her friend Becca Swanson Simone James from the hospital to stay, Bradley does not want her there and Becca goes back, but the next day Bradley brings her back to the Square because Stacey would not eat anything all day without her. Max starts renting the car lot for his and Bradley's new business. That night Bradley lets Becca sleep in his bed as she is paranoid about Archie's killer still being on the loose. The next morning, Bradley hides an engagement ring for Stacey.

Bradley and Stacey attend Archie's funeral, though Stacey does not want to. After the funeral, Stacey spits in the grave. Later, Becca overhears them talking about Christmas Day.

Bradley leaves and Becca finds him in the Square, saying he should not be too hard on Stacey, and she has told her about what Archie did. However, Stacey tells Bradley that Becca only knows that Archie was a creep, and knows nothing about Christmas Day or the baby.

Bradley proposes to Stacey, she accepts and they have sex in the car lot. Becca lets slip that Stacey is pregnant and everyone finds out, and Bradley worries that it will ruin everything.

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Bradley begins acting strangely whenever someone mentions the police or the murder. Jack demands to know why he had blood on his hands, and Bradley breaks down and tells Jack and Max about punching Archie and Stacey's rape.

Jack threatens to go to the police if Bradley does not, but Max stops him and convinces him not to. Max says Bradley should stay with his mother until everything has blown over, but while Bradley is in the car lot, the police come in and ask him to give a DNA sample.

Bradley and Stacey announce they are getting married, and Becca feels left out as only Max and Jean are invited. Becca is further upset by Bradley after the wedding when he tells her he and Stacey are planning to live together and that she should get a boyfriend. Becca blurts out to Archie's daughter Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack about the rape and Ronnie tells Stacey that Archie cannot be the father of the baby as he was infertile due to chemotherapy.

Stacey tells Bradley that the baby is not Archie's but she does not know whose it is, while Becca phones the police.