Does bardock ever meet raditz and

Crazy Things You Never Knew About Raditz From Dragon Ball

He barely payed mind to him and when he did that one time, he was I think that Bardock knows how much of a weakling Raditz is so I. While Raditz does not get revived after his death in Dragon Ball Z, Raditz Out of the numerous male members of Bardock's family, Raditz. Goku has died a couple of times and can instantly transmit himself anywhere. When was this ever even concept in Dragon Ball? Bardock hasn't meet Goku because canonically if you go to hell you lose your body, doesn't.

Budokai Tenkaichi 2, an extremely interesting What-if story features the tale of a good and heroic Raditz.

So is Raditz really Bardock's son?

As the protagonist of the story, Raditz lost his memory due to a Saibaman injuring him during a fight with Piccolo and wanders to Kame House. Since Piccolo is still considered a villain, Goku and friends help Raditz defeat him. Raditz ends up forming a bond with Gohan rather than kidnapping him. Gradually, he regains his memories and goes on a rampage only to be stopped by the heroes.

After seeing his father Bardock in a dream and having an epiphany, Raditz uses his attack pod to destroy the one carrying Vegeta and Nappa, sparing Earth from the evil Saiyans. She also voices Goku's real father, Bardock, in his various appearances.

In Raditz's short run in the animated series, he is voiced by Shigeru Chiba, who also voiced Pilaf in the original series and Garlic Jr, who was the main antagonist in one of the filler arcs of Dragon Ball Z. Yes, it is indeed over 9, However, even in the earliest stages, power levels of certain characters are largely inaccurate. In the series, it eventually was phased out entirely after the Frieza Saga, and mostly existed in the written biographies in various Dragon Ball-related video games and guidebooks.


Raditz was finally given an actual power level in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump inwhere it stated that his exact power level is 1, It is noted that Piccolo's second usage of his Special Beam Cannon against Raditz was rated at 1, which would have severely injured or killed the weakened Saiyan.

Since he dies so quickly in DBZ, Raditz never does receive any benefits from the Saiyan attribute of Zenkai, which dramatically increases their power levels after recovering from a near-death experience.

Zenkai is the same idea that Vegeta utilizes several times on Namek.

does bardock ever meet raditz and

However, according to a special chapter of the Dragon Ball SD manga, the brothers met when they were much younger. Apparently, as teenagers, Vegeta and Raditz made a trip to Earth so that Vegeta could train Raditz to help him overcome the weakness of his tail.

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Due to Goku's tail being so short, they mistook Goku for a native Earthling and Vegeta decided to help Goku overcome his own tail weakness. After their training session ends, Raditz and Vegeta leave for Planet Frieza, but they crash after Raditz's tail hits some of the buttons on their ship.

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As a result, they suffer from minor amnesia and forget that they met Goku. Goku reluctantly teams up with his rival Piccolo in order to rescue his son. If that sounds familiar, it should because the film's story plays out beat by beat exactly how the Saiyan Saga plays out-- just replace Garlic Jr.

Although we never see them together onscreen, it is strongly hinted that they have something of a strong brotherly bond. Vegeta shoots this down in hopes of using the Dragon Balls to become immortal.

does bardock ever meet raditz and

Later on in the special, Bardock starts to care about his son. He says that he wished he could have held his youngest son when he had the chance. Bardock knew that his son would avenge his people and defeat Frieza. The thing that i noticed when watching that special was that he never mentioned his other son Raditz.

I think that Bardock knows how much of a weakling Raditz is so I wouldn't blame him if he knew that. If we use some video game dialogue as well, whenever Raditz and Bardock fight each other, Bardock says little Raditz wants to grow up. It's like he knows that his oldest son will amount to nothing.

I believe that Raditz wants his father's respect, but he'll never get it due to being so weak. If you are as strong as a saibamen, then you are just worthless. I could understand why Bardock wouldn't care for him as much. I believe that Bardock already knows that his son is a weak saiyan.