Do goku and bardock meet

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do goku and bardock meet

The others meet Bardock and are quite shocked. 6 - Favs: 42 - Follows: 11 - Published: May 16, - Goku, Bardock - Complete . Who will join them?. ▽It looks like Gine and Bardock are quite the lovey dovey couple, which We think the comic should prove to be a delightful little treat for any. This new series seems likely to touch upon the 12 alternate universes that Beerus mentioned. Is it possible that Bardock and his wife survived.

His best of friends have become their most dangerous foes, and some villains are more powerful than ever. Bitter rivalries are forged for not only physical strength but for power over the Saiyan Empire.

It's a brave new world! Well, here is my version of Bardock's life from birth to adulthood, including how he got his scar and met his crew. Its just white fluff on the ground that comes from the sky. He may change his mind once he sees how happy his son looks while making a snow angel. Request, fluff Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: Battle with the Cold Empire continues as more obstacles occur, including tracking down a very cunning ruler.

Gohan's sanity slowly declines from the absence of Videl, Bardock is now out of the picture, and what's this about Goku? Doesn't sound nice, but it is! Lost Saiyans by Weapon E reviews Bardock finds himself on a strange planet with a community of Saiyans who abandoned their old ways. After deciding to stay in the past with Bardock, Ryanna starts a new life on Earth. With knowledge of the past, and friends in the future, Ryanna plan on making sure everything goes right for Goku and his friends.

do goku and bardock meet

This time The Saiyans hope to add more warriors to there cause to strike back against Frieza. Who will join them? Who will they do battle with?

do goku and bardock meet

You'll have to read to find out. Please read and review. During a stint on Namek, he senses some powerful energy signatures in the area.

do goku and bardock meet

He flies over to the area of these massive powers and unknown to the Saiyan, his life would change forever. Goku ponders on who his parents were, more specifically, who was his father. Pan is actually threat, even as a babbling baby, Trunks just did normal infant things.

Should Dragon Ball continue after Super, which it more than likely will, bet your money on Pan taking the spotlight in a big way. Instead, Gohan and Goten have always been more interested in living a grounded lifestyle away from the action Goku seeks out. Take Gohan for instance.

do goku and bardock meet

The first thing we learn about him is that he wants to grow up to be a scholar. His entire arc in the Saiyan saga revolves around getting him to understand he needs to fight. Not once does he actually want to fight. This is a theme that carries over through the entirety of Z and has its emotional peak during the Cell Games. Why risk your life when your dad can just save the day?

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Goku cares about his friends and family, but he and Pan connect on a deeper level. He treats her as an equal, has genuine fun with her, and puts his life on the line for her during GT.

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Pan is the one person Goku consistently shows a delicate amount of care for. It makes sense if you think about it. The interesting thing is, this is actually a retcon. When the time came for a volume release of those chapters, Toriyama ended up rewriting them so that Gohan was now four. Given the dark subject matter he ended up dealing with during the saga, Toriyama likely felt it more appropriate to age Gohan up a year.

Who we know as Teen Gohan, the Gohan featured during the Cell Games, is actually 9 years old, and not 11 like the dub claims he is.

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If you ignore age completely, then the labels do make some sense. Boo arc Gohan does look like an adult and Cell Games Gohan very much resembles a teenager. It should be noted that fans have always commented on how poor of a father was long before DBZA, but cases in favor of Goku have become harder to find.

Goku raises Gohan for four years, he dies for one year, he protects Gohan during the Saiyan fight and on Namek, he disappears for almost two years, he trains Gohan for three years, trains him in the RoSaT for one year, and then dies for seven years. Originally, the prevailing theory was simply that, because Goku could already turn Super Saiyan when Goten was conceived, Goten inherited Super Saiyan from birth.

do goku and bardock meet

Later, Toriyama added new information and confirmed that Goten was born without a tail and that tailless hybrids can turn Super Saiyan easily. With the very recent addition of S-Cells, though, it seems like the original fan theory has actually ended up being canon.