Dinner and a suit looking forward to meet

I look forward to meeting [Mrs. X and yourself/you and Mrs. X]. | WordReference Forums

dinner and a suit looking forward to meet

The correct answer is “I look forward to meeting you”. The rules for this pattern are as follows: 1. Look forward to + noun 2. Look forward to + verb-ing Source. Below are the details of our dinner reservations: On Friday, November 14 we I am looking forward to meeting you, and am eager to discuss my proposal. that she was going to explore the upper deck of the majestic cruise ship. We agreed to meet back at our cabin before dinner. “We dress for dinner every night, you know,” she said with an air of formality that seemed to suit her. how he looked forward to meeting us personally, and that if there was anything he or his staff.

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dinner and a suit looking forward to meet