Chip and dale rescue rangers meet gadget

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chip and dale rescue rangers meet gadget

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is an American animated television series produced by Walt Meanwhile, Dale gets a sobering meeting with his TV hero and finds that Flash is not as brave as he thought he was in real life. . When the Rangers are shipwrecked on an island, Gadget and Chip try to find a way off the island. Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (–90) was a syndicated animated series . Monty: [Operating a gadget cat] I had nightmares about being inside cats but they . [Sung] Bee my honey, bee my drone: Meet me tonight, at the honeycomb. Chip and Dale led a ragtag gang of crime solvers and had an odd Whether the pair, Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper were facing off The area was a designated character meet-and-greet spot for Rescue Rangers and.

Gadget has her quirks. She thinks so much from an inventor's standpoint that it tends to make her naive at times.

chip and dale rescue rangers meet gadget

She has upset Chip and Dale's romantic advances more than once, simply by not understanding what it was they were after. When Gadget is excited about her inventions, she's known to use scientific jargon freely and talk at an extremely rapid pace.

This tends to leave anyone listening to her clueless as to what she actually meant, but it never seems to bother her. Gadget can be easily angered at times as well. Woe to the villain or anyone else who manages this feat, because once Gadget is riled up, she's a juggernaut—thankfully, such incidents are rare. Regardless, she remains a strong female character.

Physical Appearance She has a pink nose and light blue eyes, while the color of her hair has frequently been a topic of discussion as it changes from episode to episode. In many episodes, her hair appears to be orange in color. In others, it shows up as being a strawberry-blonde. At one point, Tad Stonesthe producer of the show, was contacted by a fan and gave this explanation: Because we work with a limited color palette, we pick the closest color to what we want.

There was no intention of adding red.

Gadget Hackwrench

I did the first paintings of Gadget and she was completely blonde wearing blue coveralls. A white shirt can often be seen under her coveralls, but it is even more inconsistent than her hair, sometimes disappearing and reappearing within one scene. Though she can occasionally be seen in different outfits matching the situation, she never wears a dress or make-up unless it is part of a disguise. It was implied at the time that her father had passed away.

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She offers to fly them to Glacier Bay with her dad's old plane, the Screaming Eagle. Upon their arrival, they end up crashing the plane because Gadget had wheels instead of skis for landing gear. She's rather upset with this, but after a pep talk from her friends, she begins to repair it, but not before providing the guys with an iceboat to go after Klordane in.

Nearby, a mad scientist named Professor Norton Nimnul has been ordered by Klordane to construct a giant laser cannon powered by the ruby otherwise, it's just "a big overgrown flashlight".

After finishing it, Nimnul uses the laser cannon to slice up the ground so Klordane's choppers can lift it into the air. Pleased with this, Klordane leaves in his copter, leaving Fat Cat behind with Nimnul.

chip and dale rescue rangers meet gadget

When Nimnul catches the rodents scurrying on his laser, he orders Fat Cat to take care of them, which he proceeds to do by throwing snowballs at them and knocking them off the glacier. Part 4 Luckily, Gadget comes to the rescue by way of the newly-repaired Screaming Eagle, which she has managed to redesign using some trash from Klordane's camp.

Nimnul then brings the glacier to a valley just in time to greet Klordane's train. He then has the choppers chop up the glacier into snow cone material to be loaded onto the train.

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But the heroes show up and sneak inside the machine to snatch back the ruby. Nimnul and Fat Cat try to stop the rodents from making off with the ruby, but this time they are unsuccessful.

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The next day, Klordane captures Drake but not Plato and brings him to see his master plan unfolding, but when Nimnul reports to him that the ruby is missing, he orders Nimnul to retrieve it, "or I'll get an elephant gun. Clutchcoin shows up to reclaim her ruby, which the rodents have returned to the police station.

But Nimnul, having tracked the ruby down, sends Fat Cat inside to provide a distraction. The rodents try to stop him, but Monty's weakness after he smells cheese prevents them from doing so. Clutchcoin's pet chihuahua into his mouth. While the cops thinks Plato's gone mad and have him sent to the pound, Nimnul grabs the ruby. The heroes fly over to the pound, during which Chip chastises Monty for this development; Monty responds by yelling back and then jumping out of the plane, with Zipper following.

At the pound, the chipmunks and Gadget meet a poodle named Frenchie and his shaggy companion Que Sera "Sera! With help from the PU, they find Plato's cell and grab the keys to his cell right under the Doberman guard's nose. The furious Doberman chases them out of the pound, but Monty and Zipper return in the nick of time and knock him out.

Afterwards, Frenchie makes his exit, but not before giving Chip the realization that he and the others have become a team. The team proceeds to go look for Klordane's current hideout, tracking it down using a thermometer, on the newly-made Rangermobile, with Plato coming along on roller skates.

They find the subway entrance they're looking for, and Plato breaks down a wooden door blocking the way in, but it falls apart on them. Klordane and Percy come by and recognize Drake's dog. Part 5 With Plato now captured too, Klordane explains his master plan to Drake: At the same time, they're also mixing lime Jell-o, which is then poured on top of the ice, creating the world's largest gelatin dessert.

Klordane, it turns out, plans to use it to trigger an earthquake that will crack the Federal Gold Reserve. He then has Nimnul do just that, sending a rainfall of golden coins and bricks to fall down into his train cars. The protagonists, meanwhile, arrive just in time to witness Klordane's homemade earthquake and find Plato, who has been chained to Klordane's train.

To the Rescue

He tells them that they must find a way to alert the police of Klordane's whereabouts, during which he calls them Rescue Rangers for the first time. The name inspires Chip, but Fat Cat interferes before they could use a gold brick on a gellatin mold with a cage. Monty gets them out of the cage and faces Fat Cat to avenge what he did to his home. After Fat Cat knocks Monty down, Zipper saves Monty from being killed, and this distraction allows Monty to grab Fat Cat by the tail and swing him around to toss him into the gelatin mold to trigger another earthquake, this one bringing down the whole Gold Reserve building and the investigating cops within.

chip and dale rescue rangers meet gadget

The cops come running out, but Klordane escapes onto his train and takes off with the ruby, taking Plato with him and blocking a tunnel entrance. Fortunately, the Rangers give chase and catch up with the train. Plato tells them that they must stop the train, and they run up to the front car and annoy Klordane as he attempts to swat them. When he tries speeding up the train, Chip and Dale manage to hit a lever that reroutes the train onto a dead end.

Klordane is furious with the Rangers for ruining his plans, but before he can do away with them, Plato, having unchained himself using a blowtorch the Rangers used to catch up, comes running at him.

The train goes flying out of the subway, and Klordane lands right in the police captain's office where this incident with the Rangers causes Klordane to suffer a mental breakdown and he confesses his recent crimes to the police captain.