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Stories in which Caskett exist in a world outside of the show, and/or have a English - Crime/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8, - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 38 Her patients come first there is no question about her drive to comfort people in When Johanna Beckett wins a contest to meet her favorite writer, Richard Castle, . What would happen if Rick and Kate had been dating before their first case? AU of Beckett and Castle's first meeting before Allison Tisdale's murder, though the . Castle - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 50 - Words: . Completed Caskett stories, no WIPs will be added to the archive until they are Castle - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 50 - Words: , but what found her there was a chance to meet the man that saved her years ago. Revised: Kate made the first move, now they're together, but Kate's been sick.

A preseries Caskett meeting. Winter CastleFicathon entry. Betaed by the extraordinary Kylie and Jamie. The Life of Sound by acertainzest reviews AU: Violinist Kate Beckett is both nervous and excited that superstar composer Rick Castle is guest-conducting the New York Symphony's holiday concert.

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But when a murder takes place in Symphony Hall, Kate and Castle find themselves collaborating on more than just music. And yet, something was missing.

Until certain detective crashed his book party. My entry for the Castle Winter Ficathon After all, he did all of this for her, to honor her mom. He will tell her,"I once believed,then I hoped, but now,all is gone. You have thrown us, away. Will they ever be repaired?

Can he ever love her again? Castle and Beckett navigate through their tangled web of emotions while trying to solve a crime in a sex club. Beckett is running to stop a dirty bomb from going off and wiping NYC from the map, but a car crash will change her life forever. I felt inspired to go back to my roots writing fantasy for the CastleFicathon.

With thanks to LordofKavaka for the amazing cover art and Cofkett my beta.

Rick is determined to make it special for his wife, despite their financial troubles. An entry for the Castle Winter Ficathon Mostly fluff, probably some drama. My contribution to the Castle Ficathon Castle - Rated: Written for the Castle Winter Ficathon Cover art credit to Angie Dtrekker on Twitter Rating changed to T for minor language and sexual situations. T - English - Family - Chapters: Prana by whatifellinlovewith reviews AU: She's going to be a tough nut to crack.

Entry for the winter ficathon The characters seemed to come alive in her mind, each with their own traits that had Kate wondering who was hiding what from McAllister.

For the first time since the murder, Kate didn't think about her mother's death. She didn't think about the heavy pain in her heart. She didn't think about anything in her reality, actually. All she could think was which of the characters was the shadowy force preventing McAllister from solving his case. When she finally pulled herself from the pages, over two hours had passed and she was almost halfway through the novel. She quickly picked up two more books and made for the register, cradling the three volumes to her chest like a refugee fleeing from her war-torn country.

Never before had she hurried home as fast as she did that day. Her father barely noticed when she returned to the apartment. He didn't notice much of anything anymore. Still, Kate was very careful to keep her footsteps light and quiet as she headed to her room. Once there, she opened In a Hail of Bullets and plunged back into Castle's reality.

Three days later, she was back in the bookstore to get more.

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Poking through Kate Beckett's things was never a good idea, but Richard Castle was very, very bored and frankly, she should have known better than to leave her possessions spilling out of the cardboard boxes currently migrating into his guest room. He found her literary selection to be quite eclectic.

Romance novels, some historical fiction, and of course, an entire section devoted to crime novels. He smiled at the familiar authors, Patterson, Cannell, Castle Sure enough, when he looked closer, there was a whole box devoted to his books. Every single one of them, beginning with a rather battered copy of In a Hail of Bullets. Castle pulled out the volume and smiled at the well-worn edges of the dust cover.

Obviously this book had been with her through a good number of years. Opening it to the front page, he noted the slight discoloration of the dog-eared pages, a sign that they had been read over and over and over. And there on the page was that adorable "From the Library of: On the name line was her familiar scrawl. It's cold outside and I don't want to freeze my ass off moving my crap into the elevator.

Your copy of In a Hail of Bullets is practically falling apart. Impulse made him close the distance between them and hug her lightly. Beckett wrapped her arms around him in response. They stayed that way for quite some time, and when they parted, she had a smile on her face again. We're hitting the final stretch here!