Canberra zoo and aquarium meet a cheetah

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canberra zoo and aquarium meet a cheetah

Meet a Cheetah Encounter at the National Zoo & Aquarium. back to: Canberra ( and vicinity) Australian Capital Territory Australia Contact Vincent Vacations to. They're the odd couple of Canberra's National Zoo and Aquarium. Solo The adorable pair will now join the zoo's Meet-a-Cheetah program. Wildlife Lodge at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra gives Meet a cheetah: Even if you don't stay at Jamala Wildlife Lodge, you.

Amplify that feeling by, ooh, say five times and you will come close to knowing what it feels like to share your living quarters with a cheetah. Oh, and wall-to-floor windows.

Outside the window is a cat. A very big cat.

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A male cheetah, in fact, whose name is Innes. In fact, the only noise he makes during my stay is an infrequent and noncommittal meh. I wonder what Innes will do while I am away. Happily, there are other animals to distract me.

Meet a Cheetah - Picture of National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra

But the piece de resistance comes over dinner, when two huge white lions appear just metres away in a cave adjoining the dining room. Of course, because they are cats, they promptly turn their backs on us and go to sleep. The hyenas, however, must be able to smell our food because while we are feasting on a spicy and delicious African spread, they too enter a cave overlooking the dining room to sniff and grunt.

There are 18 rooms at Jamala Wilderness Lodge, with most sharing a window with an animal enclosure, so it makes for interesting dinner conversation.

There are rooms that share with a Malaysian sun bear or a tiger, lemurs, brown bears and a huge shark tank. But perhaps the most jealousy-inducing room of all backs on to a lion enclosure, complete with mum and cubs and all the sounds of the jungle. But not all dog breeds are able to handle the fastest animal on Earth. The zoo plans to keep Zama after seeing how close she's gotten with Solo.

Clare Sibthorpe Solo to join breeding program While it is all fun and games for now, Solo will take on a new role to help protect the critically endangered cheetah species when he is old enough.

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Habitat lost has left cheetahs dangerously close to extinction, with an estimated 7, left in the wild. Solo will join the zoo's four other cheetahs taking part in the region's breeding program, while funds from the meet-a-cheetah experience will go towards conservation efforts.

canberra zoo and aquarium meet a cheetah

Ms Ijsselmuiden said Solo's friendship with Zama went beyond providing a cuteness overload for visitors. It is crucial preparation for Solo to take up his breeding role.

canberra zoo and aquarium meet a cheetah

She said it was not the first time an Australian zoo had turned to a domestic animal to provide companionship for a sole cub, but they usually separate earlier. Solo and Zama can only be viewed through private encounters organised through the zoo or by Jamala Wildlife Lodge guests. They are expected to be moved to public display in the coming months, when their larger display is built.