Beerus and champa meet

beerus and champa meet

The saga involves a tournament between Beerus and Champa, conflicting . Goku quickly rushes to meet them but is told that the written exam is beginning. Champa and Vados meet Beerus and Whis. Champa believes his universe has more delicious food than Beerus'. Beerus is unimpressed and has Whis prepare .

As Frost charges towards Vegeta, he transforms into a Super Saiyan and immediately delivers a blow to Frost in the stomach and throwing him out of bounds. After this, a new has been decided and it is that if one touches the barrier around the ring, it counts as a ring out. After the match, Frost tries to escape in Champa's cube and steal all of the riches his team was promised to share with.

Frost is curious if the assassin was sent by Champa or even survivors from a planet he destroyed paid him off to kill him. Frost is hit with a technique by Hit and then rays of light appear out of him, preventing him from escaping. Afterwards, he is then carried by back to the tournament grounds by Hit. Back at the tournament grounds, Frost sits with rest of his team, slouched over with his eyes closed.

Auta Magetta Vegeta standing off against Magetta After watching the fights between Frost and Piccolo and Vegeta and Frost, Beerus locates a wound on Goku's hand from Frost's poison needle, allowing Goku to be re-registered back into the tournament on the grounds of Frost cheating and violating tournament rules to defeat Goku.

However, Beerus absolutely insists that Monaka will remain the trump card of the team no matter what, which leads to Goku taking Vegeta's place when he loses.

Goku wants to speak with Monaka but Beerus continuously protects Monaka from speaking to Goku but Monaka is unconscious after seeing Goku's Kamehameha in the first match.

Beerus gets Goku away from Monaka by telling him that if Monaka is disturbed during his meditation, he will incinerate him, regardless of position. Vegeta's next fight is with Magetta, as soon as he arrives Vegeta estimates him to be slow due to his size but as he starts to punch Vegeta, he realizes that he is both powerful and fast.

beerus and champa meet

Vegeta attempts to get rid of Magetta's head by kicking it repeatedly. Magetta's head soon pops out with smoke. Vegeta is surprised Magetta gains both speed and power each time he attacks.

He then flies towards the barrier now established in the tournament as he is aware that Magetta cannot fly due to his large size. Despite his multiple blasts at Magetta, they are clashed with Magetta's Magama Spit. He then dodges the magma trying to understand his strategy before the room starts to get full of smog. Vegeta clears the smog by turning into a Super Saiyan but is exhausted due to the immense heat generated by Magetta.

Magetta Magetta continues spitting lava again at Vegeta. He then lets out a hot water vapor attack which pushed Vegeta to almost fly out of the barrier. Later on, Trunks calls out on Magetta for using a weapon, but the referee says it was a natural fart. While Vegeta prepares for a Galick Gun attack, Magetta raises the temperature which causes the whole arena to become extremely hot. He spits another lava on Vegeta, and uses the lava to ambush Vegeta.

He successfully hits Vegeta with a club created by the cooling the magma, making him fall out of the ring. However, Vegeta is lucky enough to land on one of the broken rocks from the stage platform. However, the Final Flash easily overcomes Magetta's lava and pushes him to the edge of the arena platform.

Despite trying to block it, Vegeta shouts out an insult which makes Magetta lose his will to fight. Thus, Magetta falls out of bounds and Vegeta is declared the winner of the match. Cabba Vegeta pummels Cabba.

beerus and champa meet

The next match between Cabba and Vegeta begins. Vegeta notes that Cabba has his identical fighting stance. As the battle commences, both Vegeta and Cabba are very evenly matched. Cabba states that he cannot transform, and then asks Vegeta how to do this. Vegeta gets angry at this, wondering how Cabba could ask him that question, and then Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta then proceeds to pummel Cabba, taunting him on how disgraceful he is. Cabba, after being pummeled, says that he surrenders to Vegeta.

Vegeta gets even angrier, saying to Cabba if he surrenders, he will kill him. Cabba then fills with rage and becomes a Super Saiyan.

Beerus and Whis meet Champa and Vados Dragon Ball Super English Dub

He then attacks Vegeta with a flurry of punches, and Piccolo notes that Vegeta is struggling to combat against Cabba. This confusion with Cabba causes him to lose his Super Saiyan state. Vegeta then explains how the Super Saiyan transformation is achieved through anger. Cabba then understands that he only provoked him to achieve the Super Saiyan state.

Cabba transforming into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Vegeta then barks at Cabba to transform again, to which he does. Vegeta turns into his most powerful form, Super Saiyan Blue, to Cabba's surprise.

The 6th Universe's Destroyer! His Name is Champa!

Vegeta then tells Cabba that he will become this powerful one day, and then knocks him out cold with a single punch to the stomach. Vegeta tells him to never forget this anger, as it is his fuel to his Super Saiyan power.

The referee then declares Cabba knocked out, granting Vegeta three consecutive wins. Vegeta gets a bucket of water to wake Cabba up and splashes it on his face. Cabba bows his head toward Vegeta, which greatly upsets Vegeta, and he says that bowing to your enemy is the same as giving up, and then tells Cabba about Saiyan pride, and how it is the strength of the Saiyans. Vegeta then tells Cabba to surpass him in strength, but how Vegeta won't stop training though and for Cabba to train relentlessly.

Vegeta replies that he hopes to meet him someday. The next battle between Hit and Vegeta begins, with both fighters having a stern face. Hit Hit uses his Time Skip technique on Vegeta. However, it should also be noted that Vegeta was probably not at his peak due to fighting three fighters in a row.

During the fight, Goku asks Jaco if he can see Hit's movements which Jaco says he cannot, and the Galactic King says he is using a time stopping technique that stops time for 0. Bulma then asks why they can't arrest him, because time travel is against the rules according to the time patrol laws, but Jaco and the galactic King say they cannot because they don't want to die.

When Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan Blue, Monaka woke up, and was terrified, but then fell back to sleep. After his first barrage of attacks on Vegeta, Hit puts his hands in his pockets and looks down on Vegeta, as if to tell him that he is failing in all of his attempts of countering. During the battle, Vegeta notes that the light attacks he uses are his main weakness, and shouts to Hit that he will beat him with a head on attack, to which Hit counters with a blow to the abdomen.

Vegeta then faints from his injuries. Hit then asks the Tournament Referee that if killing is illegal, to which the Referee responds yes. Then Hit says that if Vegeta cannot surrender, he doesn't know what to do and he asks the referee what to do. The referee then declares Hit the winner, though it should also be noted that Vegeta was probably not at his peak due to fighting three fighters in a row.

Trunks flies and gets Vegeta water, while Goku asks Krillin to get him a senzu bean. Vegeta then gets very upset that he lost to Hit and punches the ground. When it is Goku's turn to enter the arena, he asks Vegeta if there was any advice he should give him, and Vegeta coldly gives him none and tells him to do what he can. The next match between Goku and Hit begins. Before the match, Whis asks when Beerus is going to tell the truth that Monaka was actually just a random alien that he found and said was all powerful and way stronger than Goku and Vegeta.

Beerus said he doesn't want to tell them because he wants them to continue training and think that there is always someone stronger than them, so that if they win the tournament, they know, that there is somebody better than the people in the tournament.

Beerus has become a pretty good mentor.

beerus and champa meet

As the bell is rung, Goku then bows to Hit, to which Hit is generally surprised. Hit then asks Goku why he does not transform into his Super Saiyan Blue form, and Goku responds by saying that it uses a lot of stamina, so he will save it for later in the match.

The fight then begins, with Goku getting a firm kick to the abdomen by Hit's attack. After a few attacks, Goku is still unable to counter Hit's attacks. Hit then tells Goku that his attempts are futile, and that no matter how strong he is, if he continues to get hit in his vital areas, he will die, and that he should surrender. Goku tells Hit he won't surrender, and he figured out a way to counter his attacks.

Universe 6 Saga

Goku then uses the opportunity and swipes at Hit, causing him to bleed. Both Champa and Beerus are completely shocked and their jaws drop. Hit is somewhat surprised and upset, but then dismisses the wound as a fluke.

Then Goku attacks Hit once again, and once again, Goku is able to deflect his attack, and lands a kick to Hit, with Hit being genuinely surprised. Many are surprised with this, and Champa is just in disbelief that Hit's Time-Skip could be countered, while Vegeta is at first surprised with this, and then gets upset that he himself couldn't get this. Goku reveals that since Hit's Time-Skip lasts 0. Hit then takes his hands out of his pocket, realizing that he will have to fight at full power, and Goku states he will fight at full power as well.

Hit then counters with his time-skip attack and seemingly knocks Goku out. Goku of course, gets back up and continues to fight Hit. Right when Hit seems to have the upper-hand, Goku powers up into his Kaio-ken. Vegeta remembers when Goku used the Kaio-ken in their first battle on Earth.

beerus and champa meet

Goku then powers up to Kaio-ken times ten and completely dominates Hit. Goku fires an ultra Kamehameha at Hit, and Hit blocks it with his own attack.

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Goku goes inside the beam struggle to try and get the advantage over Hit, until the beam struggle explodes. Goku and Hit prepare for one last attack Luckily, Hit was able to escape the beam struggle by using his time skip attack to escape. Goku and Hit then fist bump and fly back. Goku then holds onto to his left arm, which is in pain because of the Kaio-ken wearing down Goku. Hit and Goku continue to fight. Goku begins to get really tired and collapses.

Champa once again orders Hit to finish Goku off, but once again, Hit refuses. Hit then reveals to Goku that he is not using his full power because he doesn't want to kill Goku. Goku then asks Beerus if he can change the rules and allow killing so that Goku can see Hit's full power. Champa is okay with this, but Beerus is not. Champa and Beerus then continue to argue about it, and Goku and Hit then talk about about how they are just pawns in this.

After a while, Goku gets fed up with their arguments and tells Hit they can fight another time, and jumps out of the ring eliminating himself. Hit Monaka surprised at hitting Hit Everyone is surprised, and then Goku passes out because of the Kaioken attack.

Piccolo picks up Goku and brings him back to the Universe 7 fighters when Goku tells him, "That's the last time I'll use Kaio-ken for a while. Monaka then nervously rises from his seat.

beerus and champa meet

As he jumps onto the arena, he lands with his head. As Monaka clearly expresses his nervousness and fear for fighting against Hit, Hit realizes that Monaka is just a very amateur and considerably weak fighter. Champa then rings the bell, and Monaka runs at Hit with a very weak and pathetic punch. Hit, in rebellion of Champa and the tournament, pretends that the punch was very painful then throws himself onto the arena, and then falls onto the ground, making Monaka the winner of the final round and therefore making Universe 7 the winner of the tournament.

Hit returns to the platform and says that he no longer wants the cube, but simply wants to be returned home immediately. Champa tells Hit that he cannot allow him to return alive for repeatedly ignoring his orders and losing the final match so easily. Cabba then attempts to calm Champa down, but Champa then yells at him as well, then saying how all of the fighters of this tournament disgraced him and embarrassed him with their seemingly pathetic performances.

Goku attempts to help, but Beerus says that it isn't in his place to interfere, and that his place and role in the tournament is over. Champa continues to make threats, and offers the fighters to use whatever techniques they want to fight him, and just as Champa is preparing to destroy them, Vados notes that Zeno has arrived for the tournament, as Whis also notes this as well, with both Champa and Beerus completely mortified and shocked with his arrival.

Surpreme Kai doesn't know who Zeno is, so Old Kai slaps him. Beerus and Champa scream, and Zeno says that he was just joking. He says that he was watching the tournament, and that he actually really enjoyed it and that he wants to do it again, but this time with fighters from all twelve universes.

Goku then goes over and tries to talk to Zeno, but his servants stop him. Zeno says it's alright and Goku shakes his hand. Zeno then takes his servants hands, and leaves. Champa says he doesn't care because it'll take a while for them to find the final one anyway. Its American air date is August 5, They are ordered to wear heavy gravity suits by Whis and do 50, push-ups.

Both are struggling due to how heavy the suits are, which Vegeta says are as heavy as the gravity from Bulma 's Gravity Machinebut they succeed in completing the push-ups. At that moment, Champa and Vados violently land and wake up Beerus from his nap but he believes Goku and Vegeta are responsible for the noise and attacks them with energy blasts.

Champa and Vados walk to the entrance of Beerus' castle, despite Champa clearly being exhausted from the walking due putting on too much weight. Champa and Vados land on Beerus planet Beerus is too occupied with punishing Goku and Vegeta that he nearly attacks Champa, who berates him for his recklessness.

The two bicker with each other while Whis and Vados solemnly acknowledge each other. Goku notes how Beerus and Champa look similar and Vados says they are twin brothers.

She also explains Champa is the God of Destruction from Universe 6. Vegeta is confused that there are more than one than universe, so Whis explains to him there are a total of 12 universes and the universe where they reside is Universe 7. Goku is more interested in the revelation of there being powerful warriors from other universes.

Beerus wants an explanation for Champa's sudden visit and Champa gives everyone eggs from a newly discovered bird from his universe. Vegeta says it tastes like a regular egg but Goku finds it delicious. Champa and Vados meet Beerus and Whis Champa believes his universe has more delicious food than Beerus'.