Archie wood and his friends want to meet

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archie wood and his friends want to meet

"The friends" were Tammy True (Archie in a wig), Grandpa Wood (ditto) and sock puppets Petite the dog and Marvin If we were lucky, we'd see Uncle Bob mowing the lawn. BranchOut is like having LinkedIn on Facebook. Riverdale Boss on the Black Hood Killer's Identity, Betty's Competition and (aka cruising the woods for same-sex hookups); Hiram took Archie under his wing, TVLINE | We also met Toni Topaz, Jughead's new friend at Southside High. It's sort of like “Black Hood killer fever” grips the town of Riverdale. The two best friends, Archie and Betty, had a date at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe where they she wanted from what her mom wanted, and what she wanted was to be friends with Archie. That night at the Pep Rally, Betty was shocked to see Archie's bruised eye after his fight "Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods".

When she first appeared back in Season One, it felt like a one-off. One who very probably has something darker hidden beneath the neatly bowed exterior. Over the summer, she says, she started dating Ben Button. Instead, a large figure dressed as the Gargoyle King. The reveal is horror movie-level scary.

Can I just talk about how much I like the design of this thing? Using the map Dilton left Jughead in the premiere, Betty and Jughead are able to figure out the location of the bunker. Does the murderer have something to do with this game?

archie wood and his friends want to meet

As it turns out, yes. But when they confront Ethel about it, she seems to think the game is real. She warns Betty and Jughead that the Gargoyle King is very real and will harm anyone who disobeys him.

Archie and Betty

Who knows why they do it? Is Evelyn or her dad somehow causing these seizures? Is the Gargoyle King involved with a farm somehow? Archie is slowly easing into life at the jail for shirtless boys. He bunks with a kid named Mad Dog, the most shirtless boy of them all. Mad Dog comes off as gruff and uncaring at first, but he really is trying to give Archie advice. He sets up the big scene of the episode by proposing a good-natured football game where everyone plays together.

And a musical number. Archie enlists Veronica to cheerlead at the game. That is until Hiram Lodge shows up. He was always a sinister presence on this show, but this season is making him downright malicious. Even if the guy is only a convict because Hiram himself set him up. Betty and Archie are childhood best friends and next door neighbors. After Betty admitted her feelings for Archie, their friendship became strained as Archie didn't feel the same way.

Things were complicated between the two initially, but they were able to return to being friends. Betty and Archie are now best friends, and she has gotten over her feelings for Archie.

Archie and His Friends

Betty also approved Archie and Veronica Lodge 's romantic relationship. In the second seasonBetty continues her friendship with Archie by sleuthing together, in order to uncover the identity of the Black Hood killer.

Later, Archie and Betty have a moment in a car after Betty finds out disturbing news about her grandfather. Archie calms her down and she kisses him. The pair pull apart and they continue on the quest of unraveling the identity of the town's killer.

Contents [ show ] History Archie and Betty have been next-door neighbors and best friends since they were four years old, and have always been in the same school, grade, and classes together, ever since they could remember.

When they were in the second grade, Archie was falling behind in reading and he would have been held back another year. Hating the idea of them being in different grades, Betty tutored Archie every day after school.

He was later able to move up a grade with Betty.

archie wood and his friends want to meet

Young Archie was so ecstatic that he kissed and proposed to Betty, but she turned him down as they were too young for marriage. However, she told him to ask her when they were eighteen and she would say yes. Throughout Riverdale Season 1 The two best friends go on a date The two best friends, Archie and Betty, had a date at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe where they reunited after spending the summer apart.

Whilst Archie told her about his newfound desire to pursue music as a career, Betty hoped to reveal the romantic feelings she harbored for him.

Archie and Betty dance at the Semi-formal The next day, Veronica, upon hearing of Betty's interest in Archie, encouraged Betty to ask him to the back-to-school dance, but due to her lack of confidence, Betty ended up asking Archie to be her and Veronica's escort to the dance instead.

At the Semi-formalBetty and Archie were on the dance floor, when she confessed how she'd been imagining them as a "power couple".

archie wood and his friends want to meet

He didn't really give her the reply she was hoping for. This upset Betty that he couldn't even think of them being more than just friends. Archie really did like Betty, but he thought he could never live up to her expectations and believed she was too perfect for him. Later on, at the after-party, Cheryl Blossom conspired to stir up trouble. Though they tried to fight their attraction for each other out of respect for Betty, they ended up kissing.

When they returned to the party, Cheryl gleefully informed them that Betty had fled, so Archie went after her.

archie wood and his friends want to meet

When he arrived at her house, a tearful Betty walks down the narrow path toward him in tears. Betty tearfully asked Archie if he loved her at all, to which Archie replied that he does, but he would never feel worthy enough to date her. Archie eventually told Betty that he "couldn't give her the answer she wants", and Betty finally retreated inside her home, feeling destroyed.

However, telling the police about it would mean that Archie would most likely have to tell them about his and Grundy's relationship. He tried to talk to Betty, but exhausted and crestfallen over his rejection, she dismissed him through text. The next morning, despite telling her mother that she would no longer seek friendship from Archie, Betty did the very opposite by asking him to walk her to school.

She needed time to process the situation, to separate what she wanted from what her mom wanted, and what she wanted was to be friends with Archie. Betty eventually came around and decided that whether Archie reciprocated her feelings or not, Betty still wanted them to be friends.

However, as the gang gathered at lunch to listen to Archie play one of his songs, Betty reminisced about the events of the weekend, becoming emotional and, unable to hold it together anymore, lashed out at Archie.

Archie tried to console her, but Betty once again dismissed him, as her heartbreak was too recent to handle in front of him. Betty resented both Archie for rejecting her feelings and Veronica for kissing him at the party and siding with Archie.

Later, at cheer practice, she and Veronica got into an argument over Archie, her informing Archie of her true feelings towards him, and the awkward tension now between them because of it.

To get back at Veronica, Betty invited Cheryl to get manicures with her, but it backfired. At school the next day, Betty admitted that Veronica was right about what she said pertaining to Archie, sometimes it's hard to admit things to yourself, Betty said.

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The two were later joined by Archie and Jughead, so Betty invited them to join her and Veronica at the table. Betty's suspicion on Ms Grundy made her obsessed with finding out the truth about Ms Grundy's unknown past. There was no record of her life before she moved to Riverdale a year ago. Although this did not stop a determined Betty. Later on, Betty, along with Veronica, broke into Miss Grundy's tiny Volkswagen Beetle and found proof of her shady background.

They found a box with Miss Grundy's driver's license with the name Jennifer Gibson and a revolver. Archie confronted Geraldine who then told him that she was in a violent, abusive marriage.

When she left, she changed her name. When she finally stopped her searching, Alice found the gun inside Betty's drawer. Although the confrontation ended with Grundy being run out of town by Alice, Archie was shown to have no ill towards Betty. In the student lounge, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica stood collectively in their caps and gowns, prepared for graduation and waiting for Mr. Andrews to take a photo of them. Next to him, was Archie's mother, Mary.