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Hollow Man is a science fiction horror film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue and Josh Brolin. Bacon portrays the titular. You can also follow the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) links after each . about this movie (IMDB) Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein" - Classic Horror Movies, " Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops" Bud Abbott, Lou Costello from IMDb Abbott and Costello - Limburger Cheese Sandwich and Orange Juice - .

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The film is loaded with wonderful animation sequences particularly of Count Dracula changing to and from a bat. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein was a huge financial success. Lou Costello was not at all sold on doing the film. My little girl could write something better than this.

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Bela Lugosi reprises his role as Dracula for the first time since the original picture in Lugosi played the Count on stage hundreds if not thousands of times and he is arguably the most recognizable figure when it comes to the character of Dracula. Boris Karloff was approached to reprise his role as the Frankenstein Monster and flat out refused.

However, Karloff felt he owed Universal. Universal agreed and Karloff did press for the film. The workload fell to Bud Westmore and Jack Kevan. As Universal changed to Universal International a premium was put on saving money to make films. Gray in was also slated to play the part of Tagg Oakley in the syndicated western television series Annie Oakleystarring Gail Davis and Brad Johnson.

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Billy did perform as Tagg in the first of two pilots produced for that series, in the episode titled "Bull's Eye", which potential sponsors opted not to purchase and underwrite the series. The role of Tagg later went to year-old Jimmy Hawkins for the series' second pilot, "Annie Gets Her Man" aired as Season 1, Episode 14 [6], and for the full run of Annie Oakley after sponsors bought the series.

Gray instead joined the cast of Father Knows Best, which would premiere nine months after the first broadcast of Annie Oakley in January In that episode's plot, the character Alan takes a photograph of Superman that could expose the hero's secret identity. He appeared twice in on the anthology series General Electric Theaterhosted by Ronald Reagan.

He guest-starred in such series as RawhideArrest and Trialand Custer. The arrest was blamed for later costing him film and television roles.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein () - IMDb

Critic Leonard Maltin claimed incorrectly that Gray had been recruited for the role of "City Life" from actual addicts and narcotics dealers. Maltin did not remove the false information from his guide for another two decades, and only after Gray filed suit for libel.

Home for Christmas special on December 18, Both specials were reunions of the entire cast from the former series that had left the air 17 years earlier. The dialogue, the situations, the characters they were all totally false. The show did everyone a disservice. The girls were always trained to use their feminine wiles, to pretend to be helpless to attract men.

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