Abbott and costello meet the keystone kops dvd

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abbott and costello meet the keystone kops dvd

This item:Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy by Bud Abbott DVD $ . " A&C Meet the Keystone Kops" is probably the weakest of the three featured in this. Harry and Willie are scammed into buying the Thomas Edison studio lot by a man named Gorman. They decide to follow Gorman's trail to Hollywood where. Abbott and Costello: The Complete Universal Pictures Collection (DVD) The boys become silent movie stars in Abbott & Costello Meet the Keystone Kops.

Jekyll, and a stunt man as Mr. Hyde, with the boys as cops-in-training in London. Typically silly stuff, with a few inspired moments.

abbott and costello meet the keystone kops dvd

Some funny stuff in this nice salute to a bygone era. That's the real Mack Sennett playing himself. And though they are older and a bit tired, they muster up enough energy to make this one of their best later films despite cardboard sets and silly one-piece mummy costumes.

abbott and costello meet the keystone kops dvd

Leonard, and with an odd choice of weak clips, some of which cut off classic routines before they're over! But it does end with the full-length "Who's On First? Full frame, optional subtitles English, Spanish, Frenchchapters. Ulmer was the ultimate low-budget filmmaker, and some of his efforts hold up surprisingly well.

Lamarr is great, as is the strong supporting cast. Jekyll" has the title character worrying that she's inherited her father's madness when local villagers are systematically killed by a night creature. This failed TV pilot is an enjoyable setup from the book for a series that was never made.

An educational health short from the '40s; a real curio. Full frame, interviews, featurettes, trailers, photo galleries, chapters. Tom Laughlin has made a career of his four "Billy Jack" movies from the late '60s and early '70s, about seeking peace by beating the tar out of bad guys. But this set as opposed to an earlier box set of all four films is distinguished by its clean transfers and widescreen presentation.

Billy is introduced in the biker-thriller "The Born Losers" as a part-Indian karate expert who battles injustice and racism look for Jane Russell in a cameo. In "Billy Jack" he battles locals who try to infringe on his "free school.

Smith" film, with Billy elected to the Senate and finding corruption all around him. The bonus disc is rather skimpy. Perhaps aware they were near the end of the line, Bud and Lou in both films reach back to their early days of burlesque with old material successfully adapted into these pictures.

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein 1948 1

Keystone Kops benefits greatly from the presence of Fred Clark, marvelously hammy and maybe the team's best comic foil since Nat Pendleton battled the boys in Buck Privates Also, the film boasts the team's best score since Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. As per Universal's policies, only department head Joseph Gershenson is credited, and the work was farmed out to multiple composers: One suspects it was Mancini who wrote the charming title tune, which has practically become the team's signature theme and was used again to open The World of Abbott and Costello.

And, thankfully, Frank Skinner's much-overused score from Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, heard again and again in other "Meet" films, at long last has been retired, and a new score by an uncredited Irving Gertz, Henri Mancini, Lou Maury, and Hans J.

Salter livens things up considerably.

abbott and costello meet the keystone kops dvd

Best of all, Meet the Mummy has a great supporting cast of heavies all over Lou when he swallows a sacred amulet: It's pure comedy - unlike Jekyll and Hyde there are no romantic subplots to gum up the pacing - just 79 minutes of pure fun.

Rarely discussed is the film's perverse epilogue, an amazingly vulgar and culturally insensitive resolution that must be seen to be believed! The first half leans heavily on clips from Abbott and Costello's '50s films, probably for no other reason than they'd look less dated in than those from the earlys.

The extensive use of footage from Abbott and Costello Go to Mars makes sense given the country's obsession for space travel with the concurrent Gemini space flights. Eventually, the film turns to classic bits from Buck Privates and, inevitably, "Who's on First? Humorlessly narrated by long-forgotten comic Jack E.

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Leonard, whose asides are more perplexing than funny - at the end of one long clip, Leonard declares, "That picture was directed by a squid! On this reviewer's player, neither Jekyll and Hyde nor Keystone Kops would play properly. If I selected "Play" for either film, the DVD manufactured in Mexico went dead, the picture would go black for a minute, and the disc would automatically reload as if the DVD had just been inserted into the machine. Ultimately, the only way I could get either film to play at all was to go to "Chapters," and select the first chapter.

Further, the trailer actually a TV spot from Jekyll and Hyde jammed before it was over.

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Anyone interested in this set is strongly cautioned that they might experience similar problems, based on the large number of consumer complaints concerning Universal's DVDs. The movies themselves look good, though at least two are inarguably presented in the wrong aspect ratio. Full frame both films have way too much empty space above the actors' heads and below their knees.

The Netflix DVDs website is temporarily unavailable.

As for The World of Abbott and Costello, theater owners probably exhibited it both full frame and slightly cropped the titles allow for thisbut since the vast majority of clips are from full frame titles, the full frame transfer is correct.

Visually, Keystone Kops looks best, almost like a new movie, but all the transfers are reasonably sharp with decent blacks, and none has any major damage. The mono sound is acceptable.