Abbott and costello meet dr jekyll mr hyde 2017

A Monday with "Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"!

abbott and costello meet dr jekyll mr hyde 2017

With Russell Crowe playing the character in 's 'The Mummy', how about we look at "Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"!. Abbott & Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde [VHS]: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Boris Karloff, Craig Stevens, Helen November 16, Buy Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Read Movies & TV Reviews - November 16, Format: DVD|Verified Purchase.

While walking down the street that night, Tubby spots Hyde whom Slim at first mistakes for a burglar.

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They decide to follow Hyde into a music hall where Vicky is performing and Adams is visiting her. Tubby annoys an actor in a far-eastern demon mask by mistaking him for the monster, and gets called "barmy".

A chase ensues, and Tubby traps Hyde in a wax museum. However, by the time he brings the Inspector Reginald DennyAdams, and Slim to the scene, the monster has already reverted to Dr. Jekyll and Tubby is once again scolded by the Police Inspector. The "good" doctor, however, asks Slim and Tubby to escort him to his home.

Once at Jekyll's home, Tubby goes off exploring and winds up drinking a potion which transforms him into a large mouse. Afterward, Slim and Tubby try to bring news of Jekyll's activities to the Inspector, but the Inspector refuses to believe them.

abbott and costello meet dr jekyll mr hyde 2017

Later, when Vicky announces to Jekyll her intent to marry Adams, Jekyll who is secretly in love with Vicky does not share her enthusiasm and transforms into Hyde right in front of her. Bent, this time, on murdering Vicky, Hyde attempts to attack her.

However, in the nick of time, Bruce, Slim, and Tubby save her and Hyde escapes. During the struggle, though, Jekyll's serum needle is dropped into a couch cushion, which Tubby accidentally falls onto, transforming him also into a Hyde-like monster.

Another mad-cap chase ensues, this time with Bruce chasing Jekyll's monster and Slim pursuing Tubby's monster both believing they are after Jekyll. This month we have been taking a look back at great movies that deal with transformation. This is my… Sunday with Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Abbott and Costello meet Dr. August 1st, Run Time: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Director: Charles Lamont Robs Score: A lone man is walking down the street and out of the darkness we see a shadowy figure stalk him.

The figure eventually catches up with the man and clubs him with his cane before strangling him to death. The scene changes to show the headlines announcing that Dr. Poole has been killed.

abbott and costello meet dr jekyll mr hyde 2017

The next day young reporter Bruce Adams is sitting in a park during a suffragette rally when he meets Vicky Edwards and is immediately smitten. A few of the local townspeople start heckling the suffragettes and a huge brawl erupts. Enter Slim and Tubby Abbott and Costellotwo American policeman working in London, who get arrested with Bruce, Vicky and the rest of the suffragettes.

abbott and costello meet dr jekyll mr hyde 2017

Jekyll Karloff bails both Vicky and Bruce out of jail. However, while everyone else is released Tubby and Slim are kicked off the police force. After sharing a ride back Jekyll notices the attraction between Bruce and Vicky and becomes overwhelmed with anger and jealousy. He retreats to his secret lab and explains that while he is a good upstanding man, Mr.

Hyde can do the devious things Jekyll can only dream of. He then injects himself with his potion and the transformation begins. Hyde now sets out to stalk the streets of London and kill Bruce.

At the same time Slim and Tubby decide that the only way to get back on the force is to catch the monster that has been murdering people. As they are walking along Tubby notices Hyde, whom he mistakes for a burglar, trying to break into a music hall window.

The two then enter the music hall in an effort to head off the burglar.

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Vicky is a performer at the music hall and Bruce was in the dressing room with her, which is why Hyde was trying to break in. A slapstick chase ensues which leads to Tubby tricking and locking Hyde in a wax museum prison. Arriving at the cell to see Jekyll and no monster Tubby is once again scolded.

Jekyll asks Slim and Tubby to escort him back to his house and embarrassed, due to the mix up, they agree. Once at the house Jekyll invites the two to stay the evening. Unable to sleep and pretty terrified Tubby decides to search the house looking for clues to give him answers to what happened earlier.

How will Tubby and Slim escape this one, and how will Bruce and Vicky deal with the horrific news that Jekyll is also Hyde? Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Hyde is loosely based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novel of the same name. The combination of slapstick comedy with the classic nightmare inducing monsters was an absolutely brilliant idea that really paid off for everyone.

With that being said these films, unlike many others that I revisit, have to be viewed at face value.

There is no real deeper message or meaning here except to entertain the audience, and in that regard this film is a success. If you are going into this one, as well as any of the other Abbott and Costello Meets… films expecting an existential experience that unlocks deep secrets inside yourself, this may not be for you.