Vip meet and greet one direction 2014

Music stars with VIP tour packages: Would you pay $ for a selfie?

vip meet and greet one direction 2014

ONE DIRECTION On The Road Again ID Pass Philippines · See similar Demi Lovato VIP New Rare Lanyard Merch Demi Tour Meet and Greet Official!. Jun 29, In , though, the old guard is just the warm-up band for the main act: At an average tour pric e of $, One Direction Tickets are the most. Feb 29, One Direction On The Road Again Tour VIP/Concert featuring Icona Pop All the way back in December of , my best friend, Kristen, and I our “Night Changes” VIP passes complete with the package of concert goodies.

I quickly took notice that the guys really seemed excited to be in Baltimore. In my past One Direction concert experiences, they certainly seemed thrilled, but something seemed a little different this time.

Live video feed of Niall featured on one of the large screens placed on either side of the stage. The set list was a great balance between their fast tempo rock-pop songs and their slower, more acoustic sounding tracks. The guys payed excellent attention to the music as well as capturing the crowd.

They made sure to speak to us in between each song and keep us pumped up.

vip meet and greet one direction 2014

There was never a dull moment. They would focus on certain signs that were made, anyone wearing some silly costume, as well as talking to certain people that may have caught their eye. As an audience member, I found this to be a great asset to the concert experience. To be a great performer, I believe that it is crucial for bands to communicate to the crowd rather than just going through song after song.

Liam making his way across center stage. The stereotypical boy band stigma usually consists of choreographed dances, matching outfits, and so on and so forth. What they usually wear on a day off, is what you see on stage. They present themselves as real people more than just a product. You could see each of their personalities present themselves and show just how significantly different they are compared to each other.

However, no pun intended, they all work in perfect harmony. Harry singing out to the crowd. Louis caught in a heartfelt moment during the performance.

Price To Meet You: Inside the world of the “Meet and Greet”

I found their voices to be very strong this tour. All their harmonies worked really well together and their sound seemed crisp and very well rehearsed. They all still touch on the pop that they are known for, but they explore more rock and acoustic sounds. Liam playfully filling a water gun, a staple at a One Direction concert. All the layered harmonies certainly gave us a huge look at this album before it was fully released. As a whole album, it certainly showed the progression and evolution of One Direction.

It was really well rehearsed and certainly help a lot of sentiment throughout the performance of the song. It held such a strong harmony as well as a soothing melody from Niall and Louis with added riffs provided by Harry and Liam. Harry pulling one of his iconic knee thrusts. Throughout the performance, each of the members get a chance to have a one on one conversation with the audience.

At one point, Harry had opportunity to speak. During his moment with the crowd he took the time to ask everyone how they are doing and if they have been enjoying the night. He kept it lighthearted by taking a container of cookies made by a fan and joking around with her asking her if the Tupperware was microwavable or not.

Music stars with VIP tour packages: Would you pay $1000 for a selfie?

However, there was one moment where he paused his comical antics and took the opportunity to acknowledge something that just recently rocked Baltimore to the core. In Spring ofBaltimore City experienced protests that rapidly changed to riots over the death of Freddie Gray.

Freddie Gray was a young African American man who died while in police custody. As a result, people fought for his justice. Though I live outside of city limits, there was a lot of uncertainty and fear surrounding this issue. These protest and riots were soon heard about and seen all around the world. Harry took the time to address this indirectly. He asked the crowd to calm down and take a moment to raise their hands in a peace sign. Everyone did what Harry said followed by murmurs of reflection and realization of what he was referring to.

I really treasure those bits of intimacy between an artist and their audience.

vip meet and greet one direction 2014

Whether it be them talking to the crowd, or through a particular song. The guys always ask the fans to take out their cellphones and turn on the flashlights.

Hopefully this helps you understand the priorities of the youths of America. Styling varies for each boy, so it's important to break them each down individually based on clothes and hair: The most important thing for Zayn was the hair. It was slicked back and Arctic Monkeys-inspired.

Homeboy coulda walked right off that stage, showed up at New York Fashion Week, walked the catwalk in the clothes he showed up in and no one would be the wiser. For their final Boston show, he was back to his usual hair, but what he lacked in s-inspired locks, he made up for in cheekbones. Compared to his more recent long hair and his usual scruff, Louis was so clean and crisp-looking.

He wore a white shirt every night. His essence was very much alive. Niall literally ripped some sleeves off of several button-down shirts and went with it. He loves showing off his farmer's tan to the world, and we welcome it with open arms. Liam shaved his head and he looked so cute. He wore jorts every night. My dad agreed that he would probably wear jorts too, if he was in a billion-dollar boyband and had to perform on a hot stage every night.

Why is your hair so long? Why won't you cut it? Isn't it sweaty when you go to spin class at SoulCycle? Don't get me wrong -- you're the perfect balance of sexy and cute always, but maybe a trim? Regardless of length, you work that headscarf.

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Also, I liked your "Dream Boat" shirt. The Show Itself 5 Seconds of Summer, the opening act, performed for a good 45 minutes. It felt a little long, but they have good energy and they mentioned Mark Wahlberg exactly times between the three shows.

Once they were done, I was in my zone -- this was the moment I'd been waiting for. And then, after over an HOUR of waiting for the stage set-up to be complete, I was graced with the most beautiful sight God and Simon Cowell could have ever produced: Before this, though, they showed a little informational safety video, in which each boy told us to drink lots of water and reminded us not to throw things or push.

To be honest, I didn't process this video until I later watched it on YouTube, because I was too busy listening to their deep British accents pronounce each individual syllable. The concert opens with a pre-taped video of the guys doing some sort of green-screen "tour around the world" -- scuba-diving, chilling with penguins, pushing up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc.

There is a moment that Niall holds a puppy and the screams are so deafening and shrill, they can only be heard by canines. The show had little variation from night to night, with most of it coming in the form of new banter between songs. The outline was always the same: On Night 2, this exchange occurred: Who likes the Red Sox? Who likes the Celtics? And who likes the Packers? The set list was mostly comprised of songs from their latest album, Midnight Memories. This album is such a banger that it was all good by me, though I probably would've preferred "Something Great" over the older "Moments.

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Someone would later go on to steal a balled up streamer I saved out of my purse. The Fans It needs to be said that being a 1D fan is a complicated thing, and being united as one big group of 1D fans sharing an experience together can have its highs and lows. The first night was harder for me, as no one was really up to trade 1D war stories while waiting the full hour between opener 5 Seconds of Summer and the main course of the night, One Direction. In fact, going alone is a lot like how Lauren Yapalater from BuzzFeed described it: Oh, I love The !

I saw them at Lollapalooza last Sunday. I saw the at Lollapalooza last Sunday. Girl, clearly having no idea what Lollapalooza is or why I'm speaking to her: She would later go on to shove in front of me during "Happily.

The last night, the girls around me were more open to discussion. On my left, the girl next to me and in front of me had just upgraded their seats to the floor that day and they were pretty jazzed. We talked about college, and they were all shocked that: