Unit meet 2014 sepak takraw images

unit meet 2014 sepak takraw images

representations to the Indian Sepaktakraw teams at Asian Games. country. Also in the 17th Asian Games held at Korea, Koso and Miss. The Asian Games officially known as the 17th Asian Games, was a pan- Asian multi-sport media villages that provide over 3, units and 9, rooms for athletes and media persons. The image of the mascots. .. featured: baseball, ten-pin bowling, cricket, kabaddi, karate, sepak takraw, squash and wushu. Sepak Takraw is introduced as a special unit in Physical Education classes for the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada are elected at its first official meeting.

Construction began in June and finished in July Pyeonghwaui sumgyeol, asiaui miraeliterally means "Breath of Peace, Future of Asia". The Spotted Seals, the Games' mascots.

unit meet 2014 sepak takraw images

Named from left to right: Chumuro, Vichuon and Barame. The mascot statues situated at the Incheon Asiad Park.

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Three Spotted seal siblings were unveiled on November 4, as the official mascots of the Games in Songdo Island, Incheon. The prototype was taken from Baengnyeong Island. According to the organizers, the mascots were chosen as symbolic to the future peace between South Korea and North Korea.

unit meet 2014 sepak takraw images

The design represents the 28 Olympic sports categorized into five groups: In various ways, the values and philosophy of the 17th Asian Games is represented in these posters.

It features a pentagon-shaped symbol representing the five ports of Incheon — Airport, Seaport, Teleport, Leisureport and Businessport, with the emblem of Games inside.

Canadian Sepak Takraw History

In major cities across Canada where the Laotians have settled, they play Sepak Takraw amongst themselves, usually in parks during the spring and summer seasons.

Rick Engel, a teacher from Saskatchewan who was teaching English in China, encounters Sepak Takraw while travelling through Thailand and Malaysia during his holidays. As part of his job to help other teachers in the school incorporate aspects from Asia into their plans, Rick gets 12 hand-woven rattan Takraw balls and a basic set of rules from a friend in Thailand.

Sepak Takraw is introduced as a special unit in Physical Education classes for grades 6 - 9.

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One of the primary programs that develop is the School Asia Presentations Program, where students learn about Asia through slides and many various, fun, hands-on Asian activities. One of the activities is Sepak Takraw, using rattan balls. While teaching an evening English As a Second Language class through the Open Door Society in Regina, Rick discovers that a couple of his Laotian students are Takraw players and that they play every weekend.

Rick, along with a couple of friends, accepts the invitation to join them and plays often. Interest grows in the Takraw activity part of the School Asia Presentations - plastic Takraw balls are now used.

Canadian Sepak Takraw History | Sepak Takraw Association of Canada

Schools start asking where they can purchase balls so that they can continue to play on their own, but the closest source was to order from the USA. To make it easier for schools to get involved in Takraw, ASEC begins importing and selling balls on a small trial basis, and set up a display at the Saskatchewan Phys. Teachers' Conference in May ' Now wanting to put his energy into a sport he watched the Laotians play as a youth, Sebastien travels to Thailand to start what would turn out to be about 2 years of training to play Sepak Takraw at a highly skilled level.

unit meet 2014 sepak takraw images

ASEC sends its brochures to school division offices across Canada that includes an insert regarding the handling of Takraw equipment and orders are placed from across the country.