Tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

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tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

On the women's side of the 5K, Victoria Rian took top honors in , with For the K swim, the men's division's Corey McMeeking won it with a time of 28, with . Big Shoulders will return in on September 6th at Ohio Street Beach. Co-Sponsored By The Chicago Masters Swim Club and the Chicago Park. 89, Quatrochi, Kyle, SO, Oak Park, , , Boys Conference Mee 11 /01/08, 11/06/08 . High, , , Lafayette, 10/24/08, 10/28/ If you have questions about Top Ten submissions, contact SPMS Top Ten Recorder at 07//04, Sat-Sat, Pan American Masters Championships .

tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

The population of the Chicago Urban Agglomeration is approximately 9. In a state that does not divide its swim teams into classes, this places a heavy thumb on the scale in favor of the big schools up North. The combined population of three downstate cities with deep swimming traditions — Edwardsville, Freeport and Carbondale — is roughly equal to that of suburban Evanston alone.

The only other schools to win the team championship since New Trier began its recent run are fellow behemoths Naperville Central enrollment 3,Neuqua Valley enrollment 4, and Evanston enrollment 3, Mega-burbs like Naperville pop. These binary fissions can be painful St. The new schools typically come with competition-grade pools and pre-existing USS clubs to feed them.

The team champion inNeuqua Valley, was in its tenth year of existence. Other factors are more subtle. Many who live outside the Great Lakes, Texas and California may have read this far still asking who could possibly care about high school swimming. One answer is Chicagoans, and the reason may be tied to whether and where pools get built. Evanston raised a veritable swimming cathedral with wrap-around seating and an auxiliary pool that could be used for warming down.

Oak Park-River Forest built two hand-tiled competition pools adorned with statuary. The standard was set. For a number of reasons, this was less true Downstate, which largely continued to follow the national model of YMCA and club-based swimming and swimming pools. We see the legacy of these decisions decades later: Occasionally, Downstate underclassmen will make big splashes at the State Meet in one year, but decline to return the next. Due to the close proximity of the Chicago Area schools to one another, many teams sustain fierce, longstanding rivalries with multiple adversaries that help keep kids interested.

Such rivalries exist among some Peoria, Champaign and Springfield schools, to be sure, but they are fewer and farther between. A related factor — as ever — is money. The health of local youth swimming programs strongly correlates to the wealth of the surrounding areas, and the disparities in Illinois are stark.

But this kind of lightning is much more likely to strike at big, well-funded schools. The Season and the U-High, Normal Pioneers One great thing about swimmers at this age is their ability to surprise and astound.

Nearly every Illinois State Meet has dark horse finalists, relays that exceed wildest expectations, events that are markedly faster or slower than previous years and swimmers who are cruelly eliminated from top 6 or top 12 despite swimming very well.

Big Shoulders 5K and K - Past Events

Teams and swimmers must survive the Sectional Meet, which is their only chance to qualify for State and is awkwardly placed six days before the State Preliminaries. Illinois coaches are faced with the acute challenge of getting high school swimmers under exacting cuts examples: Such decisions can easily disaggregate the trophy contenders from the also-rans. They will tell you, however, which teams appear to have an appreciable core of swimmers with State Meet experience and point-scoring bona fides.

Libertyville returns its entire fifth place Medley Relay 1: Hinsdale Central returns the next-highest number of points at Clearly, Libertyville begins the campaign in excellent position. If Vegas took an interest in the Illinois State Meet, New Trier would be given shorter odds than its three returning State Meet swimmers might suggest — and for good reason.

Mark Onstott, who has announced that this will be his last year leading the Trevians, has established a record of developing talent quickly to replace departed stars. Distance swimmer Adam Pircon and backstroker Craig Smith qualified in individual events as a sophomore and freshman, respectively, and will be looking to score individual points this season.

Hinsdale Central has never returned to its utter dominance of the s and 70s, when it won 12 consecutive championships, or even its perennial contender status of the s and 90s, when it won three consecutive team titles followed a few years later by three consecutive second-place finishes. The Red Devils, however, have made a habit of punching above their apparent weight with gigantic season-end time drops leading to high team finishes.

The least rusty among us are the perfect record swimmers, those few hearty Big Shoulders participants who have made every single race since its inception some twenty one years ago.

Other exciting events

Yes, of course it was good to see Dennis Miller back again … did he miss a year along the way, or is he still part of the originals club? Tim found the course pretty routine, a little cold and flat but pleasant nonetheless and a bit more hospitable than the year when the course had to be condensed to one lap because of severe weather.

George Wendt was smoking again not literally, of course, though wouldn't that be a sight! This came even as he got knocked a bit off course by an errant kick and took a goggle-full of water. The bottom line is just what we ought to address here and now, as we honor the winners of today's race. For the 5 K swim without wetsuit, Adam Dawkins was the big winner in On the women's side, Megan Ryther won top honors in 1: Olympian Erica Rose followed up, toting a cast, while Carlie Herlich came in third.

tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

Rafal Szukala was right behind him in Watch out for Bryan Malas, because the famous prosthetics specialist is always knocking at the door, this year in fourth. For the women, Kelly Perry turned in a winning Is that another Redig, Patty, right behind her in Way to keep things in the Family!

For the wetsuit side of the men's 2. Who is that in second place? Could it be true? He runs the race, then he swims the race? Chris Sheean must have decided he was needed on shore and picked up the pace to arrive in second place. Rumor has it the alternative strokes are catching on and some newcomers took a turn, such as Tom Maude, who said, "I did swim the first full 2.

Next year, Jeff can be part of the vigilance team scanning the skies for aggressive seagulls. Big Shoulders remains a draw for the world's premier butterfliers as Olympic silver medalist Steve Gregg showed up for a special swim, one that summoned a different kind of courage.

Swim Meet Results

You see, Steve showed us how to be an angel and take care for the most intrepid beginners among us. How did he do that?

tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

Volunteers like Laurie and Mark Jager signed up to usher and "shadow" newcomers around the course simply to let them know someone is there. Says Mark,"I had already reached my own personal 5K goals, so I was glad to help Bill from Gurnee as he stuck to his goal of finishing 5K. It was fun for me! She made it out of the water with Olympian Steve Gregg at her side.

tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

When Steve comes in last, the cause of inclusive swimming comes in first. What a great idea and nice addition to Big Shoulders. Cheers for Helen and all the courageous newcomers to the Big Shoulders community. On the medical front, rather ironic, isn't it, that the name for such a debilitating medical incident - a "stroke"- could be shared by an action we all associate so closely with progress through the water and repeat so many times.

On a day of so many swimming strokes, perhaps it is appropriate to think for a moment about medical strokes and our own vulnerability. The National Stroke Association champions the use of the term "brain attack" in describing the symptoms, results and responses typical of a stroke, something we all should pause for a moment to study and understand. We also may thank Bill for his courageous example. With each of our powerful water strokes, we can share that certain sense of vulnerability as a Big Shoulders community.

UIC Head Swim Coach Paul Moniak and his minions were back again this year, smoothly completing race day logistics and bringing a nice sense of youthful vitality to the scene. Paul must be doing something right over there, for he oversees not only top athletes but, more importantly, top-mannered young adults.

Northwestern's swim crew was also on the scene, bringing plenty of purple to our Saturday.

Southern Pacific Masters Swimming - Meet Results

We are grateful for our sponsors, who join us in the vision of a great open water swimming event. Sponsors this year include: While remembering all those connected to our race, let us also remember those connected to us in sacrifice. Once again, Big Shoulders finished with a bang, this time in the form of heavy metal music at the finish line. Notes Chris Sheean, who had to announce over the likes of Iron Maiden, "I haven't heard stuff like that since the 80s! Perhaps these head-banging tunes provide antithesis for the Lyric Opera's season preview gala in Millennium Park Saturday evening, just part of the many wondrous activities offered by our marvelous city.

Just staying to linger over the scene of Lake Michigan returning to normal, without all the trappings of a large event and the encumbrances of defined orange boundaries, was peaceful and calming. Now hear this, Bill Mulliken.

tops swim meet oak park results june 28 2014

You weren't just sitting in a wheelchair on the sidelines of your progeny, your race. You were sitting atop the shoulders, Big Shoulders, of swimmers and their fans who thank you, support you and wish you speedy recovery.

We hope you find some grudging daylight from your foggy challenge.

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Each and every stroke in Lake Michigan today served as tribute to your efforts for the swim community worldwide, from Olympic programs to the open water marvel Big Shoulders.