Nash grier meet and greet tickets 2014

nash grier meet and greet tickets 2014

VIP Speedpass for Autographs & Photo Ops for Hayes Grier, Nash Grier April 6 , - 11am - 5pm Tickets Details:• All Tickets Gain Entry to St. Louis Comic. Mind blown. PM - 20 Feb kaitlin(needs sleep) @wildflowerful 20 Feb More “@Nashgrier: MAGCON stands for Meet and Greet Convention . An Itasca hotel ballroom is reserved for a meet and greet next weekend, but But all 2, tickets to Saturday and Sunday's MAGCON, short for Meet and The names of the MAGCON family — Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas.

Shaely said she spends one to two hours -- every other day -- watching Vines at her Schaumburg home. Shaely Sanetra, 13, shows her mother, Katie Sanetra, some of the six-second videos posted by Viners.

Viners' meet and greet fosters teen idol frenzy - Chicago Tribune

Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune Ted Gregory, Tribune reporter An Itasca hotel ballroom is reserved for a meet and greet next weekend, but the event is shaping up to be a little different from the typical version with coffee, sweet rolls, fruit trays and small talk.

This one will feature about 2, emotionally charged teen girls drawn there by cute boys who have become mega-celebrities in large part by making kooky, six-second video loops. The gathering is the outgrowth of a new twist in digital culture that has caught parents off guard and may be poised to grow into something much, much bigger. Since the first official gathering in November, the events have played to large crowds in Dallas, Orlando, Fla.

But mention them to a teenager, especially a young teen girl, and their hearts are likely to beat at a faster pace.

MAGCON Tour | Know Your Meme

Girls and others support them in staggering numbers. Grier, for example, has 5. Dallas, Espinosa and a duo with the name Jack and Jack each have 2 million or more. Others on the tour register followers in the deep six figures.

Meet and Greet Goals Nash Grier

Part chaperoned autograph session, hug fest, dance party, concert and spontaneous performance art, the event typically is hosted by a DJ and some of the nine boys who have become known as "Viners. And in a sure sign of cultural significance, advertisers are swarming around them. More generally, thousands of brands create content on Vine and on Facebook's Instagram app through its second videos.

Viners' meet and greet fosters teen idol frenzy

The appeal is simple, she said. Like Jessica, Shaely said the combination of humor and cuteness has her hooked.

nash grier meet and greet tickets 2014

A sampling of Vines from the MAGCON bunch features mock singing, facial contortions, teen girl impersonations, trick basketball shots, the polishing of a bald man's head, flopping in a Wal-Mart. When she thinks ahead to next weekend's event, "I just know that I will start shaking because they're physically there, and I can see them," Shaely said.

Access to the guys largely depends on ticket type. Helped by DJ Mahogany Lox, the boys will dance on a stage, goof around and choose fans to join the performance. It's precise to talk about this since they become a teen sensation among girls both in the US and around the world and, are the boys, yes the boys, who are looking up to them, what they are wearing, how they act, so they can at imitate them to be as popular, around girls.

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas are two of the most popular guys in Magcon.

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Little they know they have to start with Vine 6 second video social media and if they are lucky enough to get fans there, then they have to open a YouTube account. Both Vine and Youtube are the formula to be the prototype of a "Magcon boy". A couple of them sing, some of them act, some of them are just pretty, some of them just have a great body, or everything in between, little girls make no separation of any of these concepts, all they care about is to see their faces while they act silly.

nash grier meet and greet tickets 2014

It's a whole new science. Cameron Dallas Can we please talk about their fashion sense or style? Let's start with Cameron Dallas, yes, he is the same teen we saw with that writing on the chest that reads "Vanity Teen".

His style is quite unique, he said himself he would love to have infinite clothes on Twitterand even tho' he dresses like your average american teen, he gives to his outfits a little twist, or even wears something that's trending in the stores like that tartan shirt he is wearing in the picture above.

He looks nice with ray-ban glasses, uh girls?