Luther college high school track meet 2014

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luther college high school track meet 2014

You are here: Home / Extra Curricular Activities – Athletics School Athletic League tournament, the Martin Luther College Invitational, the Minnesota State the title in , , , , , , , , , , and Email or phone advising works well for students outside Regina or for those working full-time. Meet LCUR's New Registrar and Academic Advisor. Luther All-American Invitational College. Saturday, September 13, Luther College Campus · Official Results Meet Info Teams More.

In gradesthe course is one mile and in 8th grade the course is 1. The field events include high jump, long jump, triple jump, and shot put. Zoellner Cheerleading Cheerleading is offered for girls in grades 5 through 8. Our cheer squads are chosen through tryouts. The teams practice once a week.

luther college high school track meet 2014

They have a lot of fun learning new cheers and cheering on the boys basketball teams. The highlight of our season is putting on the Pep Fest and traveling to New Ulm for the tournament. We usually field several A-teams and several B-teams to compete with our league schools in April and May.

Our league uses the Baker system of bowling which is very exciting. The Baker System is a team format where more than 1 bowler comprises the score of one game. The most common would be the 5 person format where bowler 1 bowls frames 1 and 6, bowler 2 bowls frames 2 and 7, bowler 3 bowls frames 3 and 8, bowler 4 bowls frames 4 and 9 and bowler 5 often referred to as the anchor bowls frames 5 and The order is set at the beginning of the match but can be changed after the completion of each game.

It provides a lot of team camaraderie, additional pressure and an awesome close out to the night. Additionally there must be some careful strategy in setting the line up. If you have never experienced the baker system come out and cheer on the team.

luther college high school track meet 2014

Steve Haddad may be retired, but through this scholarship, and through the many memories of teachers, students and alumni, he will always remain connected to Luther. For over thirty years, Steve has generously and faithfully served our students and this community. We will especially miss his commitment to classroom teaching, his expertise with school data and his quiet philanthropy.

We might even miss his puns and bold fashion statements. Please join me in thanking Steve for the countless extra hours he has poured into Luther and its students. At the end of the current semester Winterthe University campus will be wishing Gerry all the best as he retires after nineteen years of teaching English at Luther College. Instead, he started in Business Admin at the University of Regina, but ultimately he finished his undergraduate program with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary in He says his students have provided him with both ideas and inspiration.

He introduced Luther College to the heavyhitters of the Saskatchewan writing community by organizing and hosting readings, creative writing workshops and other events within the walls of Luther. He was also very willing to help with events by writing poems or giving humorous presentations at retirement parties.

Gerry brought the fun to otherwise serious events and made them a better time for everyone involved. He has also accepted a two-month writing residency in Toronto, Ontario starting in September that he feels will help him with the initial hurdle in this new journey in life.

Gerry Hill brought something unique to Luther College.

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The last thing he hears is the sound of someone seeing. You will be missed.

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So it will be bittersweet for students, alumni, faculty and staff of the University campus to say good bye to Mary when she retires at the end of July. Five years later, she moved into the role of Manager of Communications, and then inshe became the first Registrar of the College, her current position.

Part of the role of a Registrar is to mentor individuals, a role vital to the success of students at Luther College, where helping students find their life vocation is critical to the mission of the College.

Mary is grateful for the mentoring she received when she first started working at Luther College in Sometimes they were not the person I expected, but the support and guidance I received in my early years at Luther was pretty important in helping me in my role as Registrar. Although it is difficult to single out highlights of her time at Luther, attending both the Spring and Fall convocation every year as Registrar were always high points for her.

luther college high school track meet 2014

Since becoming the Registrar inMary has attended fifty convocations. A rare individual who pays attention not only to the facts but to the voices of those involved; whose wisdom stems from the unique blend of compassion for students, dedication to Luther and her knowledge of the entire University.

She is a kind, caring individual who has greatly enriched the lives of all who have been fortunate enough to work with her and call her a friend. During her years in the main office, Sherry enjoyed the feeling of family and community and the commitment to the students by all of the staff and faculty.

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Sherry says she knew after her first day on the job that Luther was special. Sherry was a wonderful colleague and employee, greeting everyone with a cheerful smile, all the while paying very close attention to the many details that are important in keeping track of alumni and donors.

In so many ways, Sherry enriched and developed the work of the Alumni Office and her dedication and loyalty to Luther will be missed. Photo courtesy Craig Wilson. Lisa had a passion for Luther and a unique understanding of the history and tradition of the College that enabled her to connect with alumni and to excel in her role.

Lisa was also very involved in the A Time To Build capital campaign, playing a key role in communications around the campaign launch, major gift announcements, and the grand opening of the new facilities in September of Lisa grew up with Luther in her genes, with her father, Pastor Don King, serving as Principal of the High School from and then as President of the College from Lisa is now making her home in Victoria, British Columbia, and is happy to be closer to her parents, who live in Qualicum Beach.

The evening is named in recognition of all those people, past and present, who have participated in the establishment and growth of the College. The evening began with Dr. Every gift to Luther makes a difference, and every donor matters.

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Heritage Society recipients in attendance: Unable to attend the dinner was son Ralph Sommerfeld and daughter-in-law Tanis. By Maureen Harrison We are almost two-thirds of the way through the school year, and the student commons, new gym and fine arts classroom wing are performing beautifully.

The Student Commons during a school day. The Band Room in the fine arts classroom wing. When our new bleachers arrive, we will be able to use it as a gym again. It has become the heart of the campus and has enhanced our ability to connect with each other and come together as a community.

But the atmosphere and excitement was every bit as good as in the old gym. The Merlis Belsher Heritage Centre has also received full marks. It is flexible both in terms of how it is set up and acoustics.

luther college high school track meet 2014