Honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

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honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

Now we are looking forward to Hockenheim and to meeting all of our friends again. . You can take a look at . Last week at his main venue at the unpronounceable Kiskunlachaza track he set, as far as I . Ted was eager to see what his Chevy-Powered Gasser could do on the track. Chevrolet Corvette Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new Best Layout Hondamentalism Design Graphic Honda images on Designspiration Meet the Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger revealed at the .. - Kiskunlacháza - on Vimeo American Muscle Cars. "Talking of engines, we will be keeping the current Big Block Chevy motor . Do you like your bikes made by Messrs Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki or Yamaha? .. Since then RaceAmerica worked diligently to complete final touches to meet its by Professional racers in front of the Town Hall between and before.


Yanks features everything from American classics to late model street and strip Fords, Pontiacs, Chevrolets and Dodges, all legends in their own life time starring in a celebration of all things US automotive. As with all American car shows the event relies on Club participation and so far the response has been very good from the American Auto Club UK and the National Association of Street Clubs to name but two.

Last year's event attracted big rigs, oval track racers, trucks, custom bikes plus racing from the Supercharged Outlaws, Wild Bunch, Gasser Circus and Outlaw Street doorslammers. This year will feature for the very first time the UK Power Tour as over oine hundred of the UK's finest muscle cars take on the challenging mile trip from the southern end of the country before journey's end at York Raceway on Bank Holiday Monday to find the quickest and the most reliable muscle car of the tour.

So that's why Sunday is Power Tour Sunday! If you're a fan of fast bikes then look out for the latest national drag racing Championship rounds for 8. So if you've got a quick little number then bring it along and race it up the quarter mile. All you'll need is a crash helmet and driver's licence. Full details can be found on our Raceway web site at www. It's gonna be a blast for Uncle Sam! SPR welcome new media generation.

The Santa Pod Media Invitation is intended to redress that balance. Each year's MSA Young Journalist and Young Photographer will receive a personal invitation to attend one of Santa Pod's FIA European Championship events with full press credentials and access, and will be encouraged afterwards to share the experience in words and images. Santa Pod's Commercial Manager Caroline Holden explains "We're always conscious of the divide which seems to separate drag racing from other, so-called mainstream motorsports and we've devised our Santa Pod Media Invitation as a positive effort to start narrowing that gap.

Shorter-term, too, they are recognised as the leading young professionals in their field and we're very interested to learn what they make of their first taste of our sport. And besides all that, we just hope they'll enjoy the experience. Andy Robinson Race Cars. For the latest in our occasional series of Features presented in association with Lucas Oil Products Honorary Eurodragster.

You can check out the Feature by clicking here or by clicking on the Features, Interviews, Tributes link on the left-hand side of any Eurodragster. Thanks to Andy, Luke and the team for their time on a busy day and to Bob Roberts for the invitation.

Our German interpreter is currently unavailable but our Editorial Policy is to accept relevant news items in any language so here it is as sent: Wie hast du dich auf diese Saison vorbereitet? Auf diese Saison haben wir uns lange vorbereitet.

Wir haben viel in neues Material investiert. Wie ist der erste Test verlaufen? Der erste Test verlief vielversprechend. Das war die zweitschnellste Zeit die in Europa je auf diese Distanz je gefahren wurde.

  • Honda Integra Type-R Vs. Seat Leon Cupra Drag Race 1/4 Mile

Du bist bei Urs Erbacher in einem Schweizer Team, wie profitierst du von seiner enormen Erfahrung als 6-fachen Europameister? Es ist wirklich super, dass ich bei Urs fahren kann, ich profitiere von jedem Tipp den er mir gibt. Ich freue mich jetzt auf das erste Rennen in Santa Pod am Motive power will be provided by a normally-aspirated Hayabusa motor. Juha Nikusaari kindly got in touch to let us know that a replay is now available at new.

honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

And they were right, it is excellent. Double Perfect Awards weekend.

honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

The money will be paid to the first racer at each of this weekend's events to record a Reaction Time of 0. The Perfect Light Award is available to racers in all classes during qualifying and eliminations, but will only be awarded for the first Perfect Light of each event.

Decals are not mandatory for the Perfect Light Award but we would appreciate it if Eurodragster. The money will be paid to the first racer at each of this weekend's events to run an ET to the thousandth of a second on dial-in or index.

If you pull this weekend's first Perfect ET but are not carrying decals then there will be no discussion; we will not pay out and the next person to pull a Perfect ET will get the money assuming that they are carrying decals. Decals will be available in the Signing On office first thing Saturday morning. Connor's empty piggy bank. Having had a day in Santa Pod Raceway's Junior Stock Dragster last year Connor, who has been hooked on drag racing since his first visit to Santa Pod four years ago, saved up to take a turn in the track's Junior Modified Dragster.

It also took me about a year to save up for the original day in the Junior Stock.

Kiskunlacháza, Honda meet 2014 drag

It's hard to put into words how it feels. I think "Mental" is the one-word summary for it! It's just an amazing feeling when you launch. The public and visitors were impressed by the scheme by Peter Walters Race Design. Television and reporters were there and I did a live radio interview on Sunday.

Before the Lenco three-speed we are using a Bruno Converter Driven unit with converter instead of a clutch. This year we will race in Super Pro ET as we have a lot to learn.

This year we will work to get low six-second runs to get confident with the car and then we can grow in the future. We must finish the wiring and refresh all the hoses and we plan to make our first fire-up in a fortnight. We will have very detailed new T-Shirts available for race fans at the Summernationals, check them out in our pit area.

Check out our web site at www. A match made in heaven. The excitement is enhanced with the promise of extra appearances to be announced soon. These will bring the sport of drag racing through TeamRock. Having our own car is a great way of letting them all know about our platform and enabling them to become members of something very unique; the TeamRock.

I can't wait to start driving the car competitively. Mac Tools back Team Topspeed. Jamie Reeves of Eurodragster. It is with great excitement that we welcome Mac Tools on board as our principal sponsor for the season and beyond. A huge thank you must firstly go to Mark Stenning and John Sarrington at Mac Tools for taking the time to talk with us, believing in what we do and sharing the same passion for the sport as ourselves. The Mac Tools philosophy of excellent quality, price and service remains unchanged over the years, and the company spirit that made them successful in is the same spirit that makes Mac Tools a leader in the automotive tool and equipment business today.

honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

Now with franchisees across the UK bringing you innovative products, offers, advice and credit on a weekly basis, plus the backup of a dedicated head office team, Mac Tools are the brand that you can trust at a price that you can afford. Mac Tools products and its associated brands are also available through Topspeed Automotive's Wellingborough HQ on and we will be using some of the latest products at the track to keep the team cars in winning order.

To celebrate this announcement Team Topspeed have some very good quality limited edition T-shirts for sale featuring artwork by Peter Walters Race Design. So a quick update on the cars. I'm sure its not the best kept secret that the WRE built Yenko Nova of Amanda Cox is heading to Pro Modified in the very near future, after testing with the new engine and trans combination is complete. Having the support of Mac Tools has allowed us to push forward with our goals somewhat sooner than planned.

We couldn't ask for nicer guys to work with. A good burnout done, Gary stages the bike; as the lights drop, the bike bogs for a micro second at the hit, then gets up on the bars and starts to pull hard, the bike starting to drift left towards the wall, Gary feathers the throttle then gets back on it, 7. I then realised we hadn't discussed whereabouts on the track Gary would click it off once he was into 3rd gear.

In his defence, he did click the bike off about 25yds from the finish line; oh well once a racer eh? Well, that was our only pass of the test day as rain stopped play. Back in the pits we check out the all new motor and all is good, so we wait for Saturday qualifying. Saturday, well what can you say The first qualifier was a lazy 8. The second qualifier sees a 7.

Next time we try a different tune up for the last qualifier, this was an interesting one as the bike just stalled at the hit of the throttle. This was not what was expected, but we learnt a lot from what happened; again back in the pits, another motor check and, as expected, all is good so fresh oil in and we are race ready. So we are no. A good burnout and then stage. Gary nails Kev on the tree, the bike leaves really hard but starts to turn left, Gary realises he is going to take out the light blocks or go into Kev's lane; decision made.

Gary shuts the throttle to be safe and Kev takes the win.

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Well done mate, its getting straighter. Not quite what we wanted, but it's better to be safe than end up getting into a dangerous situation. Well, we are very pleased with the new cases and we will be testing real soon and are looking forward to the next meeting.

honda meet kiskunlachaza 2014 silverado

Without Kev's skills and help, we would not be racing this year and a Big Congratulations to you sir amd all of your crew on your Summernationals event win with consistant and reliable passes all the way to victory.

If you need quality machining work done, I am sure Kev would be able to help you. Roger said "Anders will be running his own operation. We wish Anders good luck for the remaining races of the season. The team will continue with three riders as for now, but there will be more to come, we will see. In the latest entry in his exclusive Racer Blog presented in association with Alamo Rent A CarLex has announced that he has engaged sports marketing company Seasick Marketing to help find sponsorship for his currently US-based team Racing.

You can read more in Lex's Blog which you can check out by clicking here or by clicking on the Alamo Blogs link on the left hand side of any Eurodragster.

Honda Integra Type-R Vs. Seat Leon Cupra Drag Race 1/4 Mile

UK blown-alcohol altered team and Eurodragster. We also ran the car soft, did little damage, and easily ran a 6. It's no old junk, everything is good kit due to our past sponsors, a huge thank you to them. We will run the Chevy to its max and see what it will do, then we will look to make the switch to a hemi motor, but for now we want to just get the car back out.

We must say a big thanks to Sue and Mark for great help with the body. We had a long journey picking it up from Cheshire but got there and back safely in a day. Thanks to Dave for the loan of a trailer. FIA Top Methanol Funny Car gets worldwide exposure and is a great way to get your company seen by thousands of people. Just one example of this is the vast amount of people who stared at the Funny Car body on its way back to Essex. It's a great moving billboard, imagine it once we get it on the track in front of thousands of spectators.

Anyone wanting to know a little bit more can check out our team's web site at www. The first run on Saturday produced a baseline 8. The secons run showed that I still had a small problem with the clutch, so after a little adjustment the next run produced our first seven-second run; not just a seven but a 7.

This was with only 20 psi boost so we know we have more potential. I was due to return home but with thanks to Wayne Saunders kindly doctoring my van I was persuaded to stay.