2014 meet the sooners day 2016

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2014 meet the sooners day 2016

The official source of information for the Oklahoma football season including rosters, Media Guide pdf Media Guide pdf Media Guide. Sooner Signing Day Central · OU Football Pro Day Sooner NFL Draft Central · Cumulative Statistics Season Roster · Sooner Signing Day. The Sooners are officially in the "dog days" of camp, completing their 11th preseason practice on Friday morning. University of Oklahoma. AUGUST 08,

Each child may bring ONE item to be signed -- no exceptions. A line for the general public will form at Gate 5 beginning at 7 a. The line will flow under the Asp Avenue Parking Facility on the west side of the stadium.

Sooner Kids Club members can begin entering the stadium at 7 a.

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That group is required to check in at the Sooner Kids Club table to receive a membership package. They will then move to the lines under the stadium. As has been the case for several years, the Sooner Kids Club autograph session will begin 30 minutes prior to the general public. The Kids Club autograph session will begin at 10 a.

The session will conclude at noon.

2014 meet the sooners day 2016

Public restrooms will be available for fans in attendance, but please note that concessions stands will NOT be open. Patrons will be permitted to bring their own water and water also will be on sale inside and outside the stadium during the event. Further information on parking and other details will be made available once they are finalized. Adults will not be permitted to submit items for autographs. Autograph items are not restricted as long as they can be transported by one person without holding up the line and do not pose a safety hazard or impede the line.

I've gotten a little more vocal, but everybody's got their own style. Whatever helps the team is what we're all doing I feel like I've always been in some type of leadership position, whether that's leading by example, or being vocal, whatever the team needs me to do is what I'm going to do.

I feel like we could put anyone out there and have the same production level. I'm very confident in the running back room I think that we're going to have the same production as before if not better. We've been working really hard and I think that's just us being proud of the work we've put in. I think we're going to be just as good if not better.

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We've got a bunch of weapons we're excited to showcase and it's going to be a good year. Our equipment staff is second to none. They're really great guys. They make sure we get the best.

Meet the Sooners Day/OU Football Media Day

I have so many clothes, I never run out of them unless I get huge or lose 60 pounds. After camp, when the roster's set, we get a big duffle bag full of stuff. Those two have been doing a great job in summer workouts and in the film room, academically they've been on top of their stuff and I think they're Junior Wide Receiver Marquise Brown On what a better offense would look like this year: We are going to be better than we were last year.

If we run a triple option we will run it to the best. Whatever we do we are going to be the best at it. This whole offseason season what we have been doing, the plays we have been making, the progress we have made individually make us that confident. Each player is better than they were last year.

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Whatever they put me in that is what we are going to wear. I don't really have a preference but I love that we went with Jordan. I look forward to playing in the new uniforms. On transitioning to a new quarterback: I can't really speak on a difference, but it's all about our system. Our offense is so wired and it's all about plugging a guy into that quarterback position and whoever is doing the best is going to play.

So Baker was that guy and obviously he made some incredible plays, but I think Austin or Kyler or whoever fills that position this year will run that offense just like Baker did and establish their own mark here. I think I have a great opportunity to have a great year this year, but it's just important for me to improve every day and have a great fall camp.

But that's been something that we've been working on as a team is establishing leadership. Baker, he was just one guy and he could control the whole team We don't have a guy like that this year but we have a lot of young leaders, we have a lot of guys who have played a lot of snaps All those guys are voices that are respected.

I try to do my best to try to lead I think it's important just as a team as a whole, everybody does their job to where you don't have to have a guy that is always having to tell people what to do. But, the leadership is kind of spreading throughout the team. I've been working on my technique. Nobody's perfect, but you strive to be. So anything above 90 just shows that, no matter what, as great as you're doing, there's always that much more that you can be doing.

So that's just something I always live by He obviously is really athletic. I think I can move pretty well, too. Obviously we both have things that we can do differently. If I need to go make a play I will go make a play. I have been working hard all summer just like everyone else.

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When camp starts we will go out and do the same thing. It's whoever goes out and executes. That is what you did last year so it may happen again. I said that was OK. Obviously Baker was the starter and I learned a lot just from working against the first-team defense a lot, too.

So I think that helped a lot. It just makes it so much easier for Kyler and I and the rest of the quarterbacks. To play with a chip on your shoulder.

2014 meet the sooners day 2016

Motivate the team to go out there and just compete every day. I feel like it's my responsibility to help the young guys. I don't feel like I have to do anything different no matter who the quarterback is. They're here for a reason. They both throw a pretty good ball and I'm here to catch it. We can build chemistry. To have the opportunity for us to be out on the field together, along with Austin Kendallhas been clutch. There's going to be more plays out there for me. I've got to make the most of them and continue to work.

We have some young guys and they've all got some experience now and they're going to make some key plays and impact right now, so I feel like we can definitely be a great defense this year. We talk about it all the time. We wanted to go all the way. That's going to stick with us and we know where we want to get next season. This year we have a lot of talented guys that are willing to bring a lot to the table.

The cornerback position is pretty steep, we have to keep it like that, because when we get into the season and if anybody goes down, we have to have two or three guys that can step up. We're pretty good at that position right now. I just want us all to stay healthy and stick our feet in the ground and get to work. I feel like I brought all of that to the table last year, but more importantly I need to prove my game this year. Beginning at 1 p.

Kids Club members begins at noon at Gate 7 northeast cornerwhere members will receive their OU replica football jerseys. Registration for the Sooner Jr. Kids Club is currently available online: Join the Kids Club In order to gain early admission to the autograph lines, registration must be completed by noon on July In addition to the OU replica football jersey, new Sooner Jr.

Kids Club membership benefits include access to non-conference men's basketball games, three exclusive gifts throughout the year and in-game experiences at select athletics events.